Wednesday, March 05, 2008

WoYoPracMo | Pranayama Workshop

I just came back from a 2 hour pranayama workshop, so I'm a little tired tonight.

The pranayama workshop was fun, even though it is all pretty abstract at the moment.

One a small note: during the kapalabhati breathing we were told to hold mula bandha and feel the prana moving up the spine to the top of the head. I think I actually felt some sensation moving up my head during the practice. Either I was imagining it, or else I have never paid enough attention to these sensations previously.

I will try to show up regularly for the pranayama classes during the weekend mornings. I wonder where will the pranayama practice take me?

So, what happened to my attempts to do 108 Sun Salutations? My glutes and my hamstrings now ache too many Sun Salutations. Tonight's pranayama workshop is a timely excuse to rest the muscles. I'll see: if the muscles still bother me tomorrow I'll work on something more gentle. I'll see how it goes.

I've just confirmed my appointment next Monday for my medical check-up. Ultrasound and a peek at other womanly parts. Maybe it's because I have a birthday looming near the horizon: a reminder that I'm not that young and immortal anymore.

Wish me well on the medical check-up. I'm suddenly a little afraid.


Ana S. said...

*wishes you well*

It'll be fine, you'll see!

Anonymous said...

I too wish you well, dear Dark Orpheus. It will be good to get in there and have your checkup done, won't it? I've discovered that the not-knowing is much more difficult than the knowing, no matter how hard the news is. Soon, you'll be in the knowing, and over it, place.

Those sun salutations! My heavens, I admire that.

jenclair said...

Well Wishes! Hope all goes well!

Chris said...

I hope all the news from your check-up is good news. I'm sorry you are uneasy about it.

Sorry also about the glutes and hams, but I *am* a wee bit less embarrassed about how my own hamstrings are feeling now ;->

woyo chris

... and he goes off-topic again ...

I saw Juno a couple days ago. Because I've been seeing your avatar lately, I recognized Patti Smith's Horses album in one of the scenes. It is out of focus, but I'm almost positive. It's on the floor, propped up against a bed or something in the scene where Juno is calling the abortion clinic on her hamburger phone. Kinda cool, except I couldn't figure out why a 16 year old girl would have an LP record album.

darkorpheus said...

Thank you everyone for the well wishes. I really hope everything will be fine. I know it's stupid to be uneasy about the check-up, but there's always that - "But what if they find something?"

But then -- it's supposed to be a good thing if they can detect it early, yes? And get it treated early?

I'm just being silly, I know.

Bloglily You're right - it's the not knowing that's making me uneasy -- especially since I'm the sort that insist on knowing and controlling everything.

As for the Sun Salutations: Thanks, but I'm really feeling them right now. ;p

WoYo Chris Don't worry about the hamstrings -- Unless it's sharp, pulling pain -- which means you're overstretched and pulled something. Otherwise they are a sign you're really working them.

OMG -- I thought I was the only one in the audience who spotted that Patti Smith LP cover for Horses! But Juno is exactly the kind of girl who will buy a Horses LP simply because no one else in her generation will even think of it.

Ovidia said...

All the best for your checkup!

--am sure all will be great esp because of your practice & pranayama... believe that given the chance our bodies self-heal most that comes their way...

Rebecca H. said...

I'm here wishing you well! I'm sure everything will be fine, and you'll feel so much better afterwards!

darkorpheus said...

Ovidia & DorothyThank you for the well wishes. I hope so too. I really hope everything goes well.