Monday, September 01, 2008

40 Boxes Later

[Cross-posted at A Stranger in a Strange Land]

Forty boxes and the bulk of packing up my life is pretty much done. I just have some odds and ends around the room that I will tidy up soon. (There was a brief absurd moment on Friday when I was heading for the shower, only to realise I've packed all my clean underwears into my luggage for Dubai. D'oh)

The books that are going homeless will be dumped closer to my departure. I have dismantled the bookshelves, and the room looks more spacious now without the looming bookshelves of doom.

My old pair of work-shoes look a little worn-out, so I bought a new pair of shoes for work this afternoon. Perhaps I felt that I needed new shoes to symbolize the beginning of a new journey. The Chinese are big on symbolism, and I guess I am more Chinese than I would admit.

I report to work tomorrow officially as a member of the Dubai project. The hassle is having to leave some work-clothes out of the luggage, because I still need to show up for work for the next two weeks or so. Right now I just want to pack everything and just go.

I have decided on the books I will bring over to Dubai. Or rather, the baggage allowance has decided matters for me. I will not be shipping any personal items over at all because of the cost involved. So for a year I will be living out of my backpack. Whatever I need along the way, I'm sure I will find it in Dubai. Otherwise, I believe I will just make do.

My room looks so spacious right now, it's unreal. I have no bookshelves, no desk, no chair, no bed. There is only the wardrobe, the 40 boxes, my mattress, the books to be trashed, and some personal items on the floor. I am typing this post right now with my laptop on a stool. My alarm clock is sitting on a pile of books.

This feels so unreal.


Doc Martian said...

LOL! You know you just bought shoes because you didn't have any books to read!


Anonymous said...

sounds almost dreamlike. soon you will be on flight and heading to the new place. enjoy and have a safe journey. quietletters.

darkorpheus said...

Doc - I never run out of books to read. I still have The Idiot with me.

Quietletters - Thank you. Dreamlike, definitely. But there is also this sense of incompleteness.

Ana S. said...

It's always surprising how different a room looks once all our stuff is packed away, isn't it?

darkorpheus said...

Nymeth - I agree. It feels like someone else's room. Or I'm just passing through.