Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Gloria Steinem on Sarah Palin

I don't doubt her sincerity. As a lifetime member of the National Rifle Assn., she doesn't just support killing animals from helicopters, she does it herself. She doesn't just talk about increasing the use of fossil fuels but puts a coal-burning power plant in her own small town. She doesn't just echo McCain's pledge to criminalize abortion by overturning Roe vs. Wade, she says that if one of her daughters were impregnated by rape or incest, she should bear the child. She not only opposes reproductive freedom as a human right but implies that it dictates abortion, without saying that it also protects the right to have a child.

[This is of course, taken out of context. Read the full essay here]


GFS3 said...

I am so sick of Sarah Palin. She's about as qualified to be vice president as she is to be the lead singer of Van Halen.

darkorpheus said...

GFS3 - I totally agree with you. But suddenly the media went into a tailspin on Palin.

But she is atracting a certain kind of voters, which scares me.

I do not want a McCain/Palin US presidency.