Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 | Comics & Manga Read 2008

[10] Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus • Mike Mignola & Jason Armstrong
[9] Hellboy: Darkness Calls • Mike Mignola & Duncan Fegredo
[8] Buffy the Vampire Slayer: No Future For You • Brian K. Vaugh, Georges Jeanty & Joss Whedon
[7] The Question: The Five Books of Blood • Greg Rucka
[6] B.P.R.D. Killing Ground • Mike Mignola, John Arcudi & Guy Davis
[5] Checkmate: Fall of the Wall • Greg Rucka, Joe Bennett & Chris Samnee
[4] Batman: The Killing Joke (The Deluxe Edition) • Alan Moore & Brian Bolland
[3] Birds of Prey: Dead of Winter • Gail Simone et al
[2] Manhunter: Unleashed • Marc Andreyko et al
[1] Welcome to Tranquility Vol. 1 • Gail Simone & Neil Googe


Ana S. said...

Hopefully 2009 will be the year when I finally read some Hellboy.

darkorpheus said...

Nymeth - Just being able to read more comics would be good. Like yourself, there's no comics at the library that I've joined. So if I want graphic novels, I'll have to buy them.