Monday, December 22, 2008

WoYoPracMo | Should I?

Ovidia started a new WoYo group recently, called the LotusSeaters (or is it "LotusSitters"?) Simply put, on the days we don't manage asanas, we sit for 15 minutes. Not just sit, sit - but meditate.

I done an estimate of the amount of coffee I've been drinking the past 3 months (I have been in Dubai more than 3 months!) and it averages out to 3 cups at least every day. This is a lot more than I am used to, and I'm sure the caffeine is wrecking havoc on my nervous system. I get irritated over the tiniest issue and I find it harder to get my emotions under control. Insomnia is creeping in. My colleagues have started commenting how tired I look.

For the past few days, since I signed up for the LotusSeaters (I like this spelling better), I have been trying to sit for 20 minutes. I give myself about 5 minutes for the mind to wander - but it's usually more than 5 minutes of wandering. Last night I managed to sit for 20 minutes twice - once in the morning before work, once at night before bed. I sat for 20 minutes this morning. I will try to sit for 20 minutes again tonight.

The observation at this moment is how shallow my breath is. My body is also pretty tensed; it's hard to relax when I feel really tight around the neck and shoulders while I'm sitting. This might be another reminder to get back to my asana practice, to stretch the tension out of my body.

Everything tells me I need to get back to practice. Next January, WoYoPracMo returns with the mission to practice every day for a full month. I managed to practice every day for January this year. But that is easy when I can hop in to a yoga class, and just allow the teacher to lead the way. It's harder when I'm at home, and the only teacher I have to motivate me, is myself. I'm still thinking about whether I can do the WoYoPracMo in January 2009. It will be difficult.

The voice in the universe however, whispers: Just Do It. You Need This.


dizzy_leaf said...

yeah! "don't think. just do." remember who liked to say this?

Yogamum said...

Of course you should do it!!!

darkorpheus said...

dizzy_leaf - er - Yoda? :p

Yogamum - The spirit is willing, but alas, the flesh is weak....I'm not sure how I can schedule in my yoga practice though. This will mean I have to cut my overtime My Boss will not be happy.