Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What I Am Reading At the Moment | Shock Doctrine

[Photo: Shock Doctrine, with my spectacles, and a triangular pencil from the Tate Modern souvenir shop.]

I bought Shock Doctrine when I was in London. Just a few pages into it, I was hooked. It quickly became the book I carried with me everywhere I went; I read Shock Doctrine when I was commuting on the Tube. I read it when I was waiting for the rain to stop. I read it the moment I woke up. I came back from work this evening with the sole intention to continue reading the book.

It has been a while since any book - fiction or non-fiction - had such an immense power over me.

I had to do Economics for my 'A' Levels - and I hated it. I reckon I was absent for more than 50% of my Economics lectures back then. This is why it is so amazing that Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine made me realise how an understanding of economic theory is intrinsic to an understanding of politics and the world today.


Carl V. Anderson said...

I've been thinking lately that I wish I had more of an idea of economic theory and practice because I feel woefully inadequate at deciphering what exactly is going on and what I feel about it. Trying to be hopeful at all with this level of ignorance is not good, especially when government in general does not have the greatest track record in quickly resolving economic problems.

Ana S. said...

It was only recently that I stopped thinking of economics as something abstract and realized that it has an actual impact on our lives. I still know very little about it, though...sounds like I should read this book.

Heather said...

1. I totally want a triangular pencil now.

2. I totally want to read this book now!

I love that feeling when a book captures you completely!