Tuesday, March 24, 2009

24th March 2009

Too often I have friends who will find themselves caught up in a state of spiritual and emotional fatigue. Sometimes we talk, and I always tell the story about people going back to the things that first inspired them.

I have been neglecting my yoga practice for 6 months now. This is about how long I have been in Dubai. With work and having to adapt to a very different culture, my practice has been put aside. I am not proud of it, and I feel lost without my practice. The practice has always been the one sure thing I can fall back on whenever life hits me hard.

It has been a while since I allowed myself a moment of self-reflection. But I forced myself to sit down and write this post today because I need to stop and find my bearing again. I am 33 years old today. For the past few years, I have always taken a day of work to spend time with myself. This year, while I can't take time off, I still want to spend time with myself.

Without my regular practice these days, it seems I lost a bit of focus in my life. I need to come back to the mat. But the question is: How?

So I come back to the story I always tell my friends: Go back to the people or things that inspire you. I came across this yoga demonstration by Ana Forrest this evening. I remember how awe-inspiring she is to me. I know yoga is more than the flexibility and strength. It is more than the advanced twisty poses.

What I want is her discipline. Everything she does in the video below happens because she worked really hard at it. 


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

She has amazing strength, balance and control. I know what you mean about wanting her discipline. I hope 33 is the year you find it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday! regardless where you are, you will be fine. take care. quietletters

dizzy_leaf said...

Happy birthday, girl! My teacher always says, "Don't think, just do". Unroll your mat, step on it and let your body lead your practice. :) (hanoi's coming back in June)

wil said...

Wow. She's impressive.

Happy Birthday!

Gumbomum said...

Happy birthday! It's always good to turn back to the things that inspire you. I need to remember that!

Doc Martian said...

Happy Birthday!


There's a present for you. 6 spelunking women face morlocks. very well reviewed.

darkorpheus said...

Stefanie - Thank you. I look at Ana Forrest and I wonder if I can find her strength.I guess I can only start where I am now - at 33.

Quietletters - Thank you. I need to remember that.

Dizzy - Actually, Yoda said it first. :p The problem is when I get on the ma, I don't know what to do. So used to having a teacher guide me.

Thank you for the well wishes. See you soon. When I finally get home.

wil - She had to overcome a lot of difficulties in life to get where she is. Ana Forrest is just inspiring. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Gumbomum - Thank you. I think we all need to remind ourselves once in a while why and how we came to this chosen path.

Doc - Thank you.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Happy (belated now) Birthday! I am sorry you couldn't take your day off for yourself. Your advice is fantastic and something that is so good to do on a consistent basis. Returning to those things that inspire you is such a great way to get refocused and grounded. I also think it builds a stronger and stronger foundation from which to grow spiritually, emotionally, etc.

Melwyk said...

Happy Birthday! I know what you mean about neglecting your practice; when I go for a while without journalling I feel unbalanced, not in touch with myself. Hope you get a chance to reenagage with your yoga.

dizzy_leaf said...

hahha. maybe that's where he got it from.

darkorpheus said...

Carl - Thank you. And I think you said it exactly right. It's true for life and art. It's about staying grounded, centering ourselves.

Melanie - Thank you. I hope to get back to yoga soon too.

dizzy - Confirm lah. Yoda has the best lines. And the best light-saber duel with Count Dooku.

dizzy_leaf said...

just came back from a shiva rea workshop. she's awesome!!

darkorpheus said...

Dizzy - way to drive it in! Here I am in Dubai,missing Shiva Rea and yoga. And you're having fun without me!

Still undecided about 2nd year. See how. Will probably come back for a visit in August.