Thursday, May 24, 2007

FILM | Une Vieille Maîtresse

Can it be? A film collaboration between French film director Catherine Breillat and Asia Argento?

Breillat has a reputation for making daring, provocative films that explore sexuality and gender politics in very uncomfortable ways. She is also famous for casting Italian porn actor Rocco Siffredi in her films, which ruffled some feathers. Her casting has its purpose, and I'm looking at the poster right now, at the dark seductress versus virgin white blonde girl. It's Asia Argento, girl. Good luck.

Une Vieille Maîtresse (translated loosely as An Old Mistress - somebody help me out here - the translated title sucks). From Yahoo! Movies, the film synopsis is given:

A man is torn between two women--one demonic, one angelic. The young and dissolute Ryno de Marigny is betrothed to marry Hermangarde, a virtuous gem of the French aristocracy. But some, who wish the union not to occur, whisper that the young man will never break off his affair with Vellini, which has been going on for years. In a swril of confidences, betrayals and secrets, feelings will prove their strength to be invincible.

Sounds like a Les Liaisons Dangereuses plotline to me. One suspects we know how the movie will end, but under Breillat, I am not so sure. Things are never simple in her movies.

Here's a shot of Argento behaving in a way that we would pay money to watch.

All pictures taken from Flachfilm.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Ever since xXx, one of my guilty pleasure film likes, I have loved Asia Argento. Yum!

darkorpheus said...

Ah, was Asia Argento also in some zombie flick sometime back? Can't remember which one though.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Yes, and I have yet to see that. Was it the remake of Dawn of the Dead?