Friday, May 18, 2007

TRAVEL | Eye on the next destination

This conversation took place last night between my dad and myself:

DAD: Hey, are you interested in Laos?

ME: Yes. Why?

DAD: I did some research this morning on Laos.

ME: I have the Lonely Planet guide to Laos if you want.

DAD: How does November sound?

ME: Package tour or free and easy?

DAD: Backpacking.

ME: Oh yes!

DAD: How does November sound?

ME: This November?

DAD: Yes. This November.

Oh yes!


jenclair said...

Oh, you really have something to look forward to! How wonderful that your dad not only encourages your travel, but plans to backpack along with you.

chrisa511 said...

Hmmm...your dad needs to give mine lessons :p

darkorpheus said...

Jenclair: Yes, my daddy the backpacker. He just came back from Nepal last month and he's already looking at Laos. I just can't keep up with his energy sometimes.

Chris: Ah...I love my daddy - even if we get on each other's nerves from time to time. ;p

Now to do research on Laos. hmm...not too many books on Laos in English it seems.

MissMiller said...

Looks like you have lots of planning fun ahead of you. I'll be around that side of the world at the same time - we are planning on visiting Thailand and Vietnam - and maybe even Laos to wind up our round-the-world trip in November/December.

darkorpheus said...

acquisitionist: Hey, great!
Hmm...I'm travelling with Dad while you're traveling with Mum. There's some symmetry to this that I like :)

I want to eventually do the indochine trail too. There's a few more places in Vietnam I want to see, and I need to see Angkor Wat before I die.

First up, Lonely Planet Laos! Oh joy! I'm already drawing up a Laos reading list!

Anonymous said...

This is so fantastic! Have fun researching and counting down until your trip :)

darkorpheus said...

Thanks, Iliana! But I realise it's going to be a short list. Really. Not many books on Laos - unless you count travel guides.