Sunday, September 02, 2007

CHALLENGE | First September Updates

First September is upon - well, it was yesterday. For myself, it is the start of the R.I.P. II Challenge, the Unread Authors Challenge and the Outmoded Author Challenge.

That's a lot of challenges, yes I know. Children born under the Sun sign of Aries are never known for their moderation. So, I blame the stars. ;p

Oh, the Unread Authors Challenge has a blog of its own.

I've just finished 30 Days of Night for the R.I.P. II Challenge, and is currently reading The Last Wish - a Polish dark fantasy about Geralt, the white-haired, superhuman witcher. It's a collection of loosely related short stories, with Geralt as the main protagonist. It's quite enjoyable.

In the first story, Geralt was commissioned to reverse the spell on a striga by a king. The striga was the result of incestuous congress between the king and his sister. The king's sister died in childbirth and the child - the princess - was buried under the castle where it soon came out of its grave as a monstrous striga that fed on humans.

Sounds fun, doesn't it? Hee.

For the Outmoded Authors and Unread Authors challenges, I've started on May Sarton's Journal of a Solitude, partly because the daily abrasion of human contact is getting to me. I'm feeling the need for some solitude to recharge and to reclaim my centre. I'm reading it with Stefanie's advice in mind: "don't believe everything Sarton says. Her solitude in the book was not as solitary in real life. She often had visitors and frequently spent time away from home."

That's always good advice for the readers - as romantic as the ideas in the books seem, don't let them mislead you.


Carl V. Anderson said...

So what did you think of 30 days of night? I am looking forward to the film although not as much as I would be if Josh Hartnett (my least favorite actor) wasn't in it.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i'm curious to know what you made of it too! and that polish one sounds cool! how's that?

carl, i'm very critical of hartnett too - partly because of the dearth of young good actors and partly because i have always felt that he does have potential - and yet sqaunders it with all that annoying wincing he does...

so i was very pleased at his performance in "the black dahlia". the film wasn't perfect of course, but i really enjoyed his performance and felt that he finally stepped up to the plate.

have you seen it? if so, what did you make of his performance?

whats your take on hartnett, dark orpheus?

darkorpheus said...

Carl & Jean Pierre 30 Days Graphic Novel -I like the mood of the artwork and the premise. But for the storyline alone, I was a little unsatisfied. It achieved what it intended though - which was to make me want to pick up the rest of the series.

I'm looking forward to the "30 Days of Night "movie. I find Josh Hartnett pretty forgettable, (Didn't manage to catch "Black Dahlia" - didn't want to watch a bad Hilary Swank movie). It's his clean-cut boyish good-looks. Makes it easy to dismiss him. But then, Leonard diCarpio has the boyish looks too, but he distinguished himself very well. Hartnett isn't a bad actor - he just doesn't stand out.

But if I recall correctly, the "30 Days" director did "Hard Candy" - which was VERY good. Hartnett or no Hartnett, I'm going to watch it.

Anonymous said...

I'm still struggling to come up with the list for outmoded authors. That I don't know about most of them makes this a long tedious job.

It's difficult to catch up with blog reading without participating in at least one of the reading challenges!

darkorpheus said...

Matt I think it's okay to take your time with the Outmoded Authors Challenge. Think of it as an opportunity to allow yourself to meet new authors.

New dead authors whom very few people still read. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha! That said, I still read more dead authors than their living counterparts!