Friday, February 08, 2008

Booking Through Thursday | What Else Do You Do...

Okay, even I can’t read ALL the time, so I’m guessing that you folks might voluntarily shut the covers from time to time as well… What else do you do with your leisure to pass the time? Walk the dog? Knit? Run marathons? Construct grandfather clocks? Collect eggshells?

Visitors to my blog would already know I spend a lot of time doing yoga. I tried to maintain a 5~6 days a week practice, but when I signed up for WoYoPracMo back in January, I have managed to keep up with a daily practice.

I've been trying to get back to running recently. But right now it's the monsoon season - and it's been raining frequently. So, I've been running just a little.

I used to run (and swim, and hike, and camp) when I was in school. The school did not have a running track, so we always ran outdoors and had fun doing it.

I dislike the treadmill.

I am something of a film-bluff. Among my friends are connoisseurs of European (mainly French and Italian), Chinese, Korean and Japanese cinemas, so we spend a lot of time talking about films of all sorts - and gossiping about actors of course. In fact, I always run into people I know at the local film festivals, some of whom I ONLY meet at the film fests.

While I enjoy films from all around, I guess I have a particular fondness for quirky, indie productions (eg. films like Juno). But I am not an expert in any genre, more a "generalist." And I would watch ANY movies as long as my favourite actors are in it - such as Tilda Swinton, Gerard Butler, Ellen Page, Parker Posey, Lena Headey, Rachel Weisz, Lili Taylor, Helen Mirren, Johnny Depp, Patricia Clarkson, Hugh Jackman, Jodie Foster, Christian Bale - okay, too many to count. I have recently dropped Angelina Jolie from my list of "must watch" actress, because she has gone all funny since she married Brat Pitt.

I have too many DVDs at home, all of them fighting for space with my books and CDs.

I am not above enjoying Hollywood productions, but I am increasingly cynical about how formulaic a lot of Hollywood productions have become, and how they often water down a good story for the sake of appeasing public sentiments.

I also watch plays. I try to support local plays, local drama companies - but watching a play is often more expensive than watching a film.

I'm into music, which would again explain the frequency of the music posts on this blog. I spend a lot of time just listening to music. People call it "lazing around doing nothing", I call it "quality solitude". I can't pin down what genre I am into - I guess I'm into punk, alternative/indie rock - although I have been known to pick up a few country, blue-grass, jazz and classical CDs once in a while. I adore the music of Patti Smith, Sleater-Kinney, Rachael Yamagata, kd lang, Sarah Maclachlan, the Pixies - and once again, too many to list.

When I can, I go for gigs, or concerts.

I think the cello makes the most beautiful instrumental sound in the world.

I spend too much time online, trawling the net for the latest entertainment news. But ironically, not enough time refining my blog posts. My posts can be so much better if I bother to do more editing and re-writing. ;p

A lot of these past-times are often done alone, I realise.


purplefugue said...

HA! I see we share similar tastes for actors especially. Depp, Butler, Jackman and Jodie Foster. BTW, she's in this month's Vanity Fare in a Hitchcock-inspired photo spread by Annie Leibovitz. Beautiful stuff. Can't wait for P.S. I Love You with Gerard Butler...he's particularly dreamy the trailers. ;-)

Are you catching any of the performances at Mosaic? I'll be at Sondra Lerche, and The Bird and the Bee.

Collect eggshells?! Too funny! But I won't be surprised that somewhere on this planet, some one actually does! :-D

darkorpheus said...

Oh yes, Johnny Depp - what a dream. I love the way he speaks, that voice. Loved him since 21 Jumpstreet. ;p

Gerard Butler has that right mix of masculinity and sensitivity. I CAN see him in a romantic role. And yes, "P.S. I Love You" is on my MUST WATCH list of films.

Hugh Jackman - I would buy butter from this man! refer: "Kate and Leopold"

Okay, I have to buy Vanity Fair now. Just for Jodie. Thanks for the tip.

Mosaic - I've bought tickets for Tango Nuevo, Divine Shadows & Sondre Lerche. Will skip Harry Connick Jr.

I'm also going for KT Tunstall's concert at Suntec in March.

I'm feeling the pinch after all the tickets.

Eggshells - it's possible, but I think they paint it too. I've seen it on a documentary before.

Bybee said...

I watched a Korean movie last night on DVD -- Can't remember the title in Korean, but its 2 English titles are "My Son" or "A Day With My Son". A little contrived, but watchable. It was hard to suspend disbelief when they'd be out and about and no other people were around, especially at the train station on the platform. Also the train sat and waited 10 minutes then when the climactic scene was finished, one of the characters boarded then it pulled out.

I liked your answers about the different things you do.

darkorpheus said...

Bybee You're funny. Trust you to notice the train waiting around for the lead characters to do their thing.

But yeah, a lot of romantic movies really challenge suspension of disbelief. But if the guy and the girl are cute enough, I'm totally fine with a bit of a stretch in reality.

Kim L said...

Yeah I've always been picky about my movies too. I was the one who'd go along with my friends to the big blockbuster and I'd be the only one who was like, "eh, its not that great", while they would all be loving it.

Sounds like you have lots of fun hobbies!

darkorpheus said...

Kim Hi, thanks for dropping by. I'm not sure if I have enough time for all these pursuits though. If only I am rich enough to quit working and pursue my hobbies full time.

karen! said...

This week's BTT has been really fun. I enjoy reading about what everyone else does with the rest of their free time.

What a great variety of stuff you have listed. It's nice to see a long, in-depth post.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your answers a lot. I haven't seen much of the formulaic Hollywood productions. I'm mostly watching independent and art deco films, it's just how the tastes and whims turn out.

I used to run on the street until the cement becomes just too tough on my knees, one of which had been operated on years ago. I used to dislike the treadmill because it was such boredom, until I discover ways to make the treadmill fun and quick--putting my iPod on, read magazine, and check out the cutie guys without being seen!

Iliana said...

We go to the movies a lot too and yes we'll see Hollywood type films but much prefer indie and foreign films. I'm hoping we'll get to go see one this weekend - I'm torn between The Savages and Atonement. Oh and we have a film festival in Dallas I think next month. Can't wait!

darkorpheus said...

Karen Thanks for dropping by. In-depth post? Hmm...don't think I can write any post without rambling. Hee.

Matt Thanks. But I'm always surprised people can read on the treadmill - I can't. But then I'm always trying to increase the speed and the gradient on the machine for the intense cardio. I believe Danielle once read "War and Peace" on the treadmill.

You have time to check out the guys while working out? Once again, I'm clueless.

Iliana Oh, my friend told me to go watch The Savages. Atonement can wait, because it'll probably be screening a while longer with the Oscars.

What fun stuff are they screening in the Dallas Film Festival? Our local film fest is in April. But they sometimes pick films that are a little too "artistic"