Saturday, May 31, 2008

Been Bad. Raided Library

The public library has graciously doubled the loan quota this month. This means until end of June, instead of usual 8 books, I can check out a maximum of 16 books. I know this is less than some other libraries, but we work with what we are given, right?

Here be the visual of this week's haul (over the last few days):

List from the top:

  1. The Apprentice, Jacques Pepin

  2. The Library at Night Alberto Manguel

  3. White Slave, Marco Pierre White

  4. The Making of a Chef, Michael Ruhlman

  5. A Novel in a Year, Louise Doughty

  6. Last Rituals, Yrsa Sigurdardóttir

  7. Twenty-eight Artists and Two Saints: Essays, Joan Acocella

  8. The Art of Eating, M.F.K. Fisher

  9. The Reach of a Chef, Michael Ruhlman

  10. Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, Deborah Madison

Will be busy for a while.


Anonymous said...

Your stomach would be busy craving what you read. :)

I had been very bad and almost had a fall-out (joke) with the library. I completely forgot about three library books that I should have returned before the Hong Kong excursion. I sheepishly walked up to the clerk and apologized like a kid who had done wrong in school. Oh I paid the fine yeah. :)

darkorpheus said...

Matt OMG - what's the damage on the library fine? :)

But oh yeah, I'm loving the food writings right now, especially Ruth Reichl. She has this ability to describe the sensation and enjoyment of food and tie it all up with life.

Anonymous said...

That is a nice haul. And no need to feel bad about raiding the library. If you come across any particularly good recipes in the veg cookbook, please share :)

darkorpheus said...

Stefanie - Will definitely share the love. :)

theduckthief said...

There's a quote at your library?

My problem is with returning my library books. I've had a lot for nine weeks because our library went on strike and I was at school and then working a lot. The problem is I've finished about half but haven't written reviews for them yet. I went to renew them today, had to give back two books and got to renew the rest. I have to return them after this renewal but I'll have had them out for 12 weeks.

Speaking of fines. The woman ahead of me in line was returning some children's books that had been due before New Year's. I don't know what kind of fine she had to pay (the angle of the computer screen was all wrong for me) but she calmly handed over her debit card.

darkorpheus said...

duck thief Oh yeah, there's a quota on number of books we are allowed to borrow.

Basic membership at the local library is 4 books maximum.

If you upgrade to a premium membership, you have to pay $21 per year, and you are allowed to borrow 8 books maximum, or 4 books + 4 Audio-Visual material.

And there's a renewal fee of $0.55 per title.

Nine weeks? Is there a fine involved? I hope not - there's a strike, so it's not your fault, right?

You mean there's no quota at your library? Makes me want to move to Canada. :(

Ouch on that woman's overdue fine. It's been about 5 months, so...