Friday, May 23, 2008

'FESS UP FRIDAY | Procrastination

I made a simple button for 'Fess Up Friday last week. The type-writer seemed a tad bit anachronistic, so I found this picture instead where Snoopy upgraded to a laptop. It even has Woodstock sitting there as a supportive audience.

I made the button when I was supposed to be writing. Procrastination is a powerful thing: I get so many (other) things done - my bookshelves are finally dusted and my laundry gets done. If I procrastinate enough, I can take over the world.

This week, word count remains around 1,800. No actual writing was done. *sigh* I hope for better progress next week.

What did get done:

  1. Drew up a research reading list
  2. Put The Apprentice and Making of a Chef on hold at the local library. I hope to pick them up this weekend
  3. Read blogs by farmers: Grow Better Veggies and I Love Farms
  4. Finally named all my main characters.
  5. Set aside a notebook for all my note-taking for the story
  6. Reading Tender at the Bones
  7. While drinking soup, suddenly thought of turning two of the characters into ghosts - so that it becomes a fantasy piece instead. I'm keeping it as Plan B though.

Can I add: "Going back for yoga class" into the list of things done? Yoga - er - grounds me. Improves focus, and er - makes me happy so I feel more productive?


Anonymous said...

The farmer websites are very informative and interesting to read. I'll check out some of your reading list. Is this another reading challenge?

darkorpheus said...

Matt - Not a reading challenge - but it's for a personal challenge (of a sort)

I'm taking a leap and trying to write a novel. The farmer websites were part of the research for the background of a character.

Yogamum said...

You got a lot done!!

Can I steal your button?

darkorpheus said...

Yogamum Please, go ahead and use the button if you like. It's not stealing if it's shared, right?

I like Snoopy. :)

Anonymous said...

Though her blog isn't a regular visit for me, I've had 'I Love Farms' bookmarked for a long time. She's got a lot of great info. Glad you found her.

Other blogs I really enjoy are Farmgirl Fare and Tiny Farm Blog, though they are more picture blogs.

Anonymous said...

yes, you didn't write anything, but i what you did is very productive!

of course you can do research for ever, but still, i think what you did this week was very worthwhile and in fact very important!

darkorpheus said...

ailuros Hullos. Thanks for dropping by.

I like "I Love Farms" - and he's given me a few links that are actually about some of the things I want to write about.

How odd - I was just googling Michael Ruhlman - and I found all these gardening/farming links.

JP Ah...You make a great motivator, bro. :)


theduckthief said...

Writing a novel, very ambitious. Are you going to post tidbits for your readers from time to time?

darkorpheus said...

duck thief probably not - that would require courage and a total lack of self-consciousness. besides, I'm not proud of what I wrote at the moment.

I'm still struggling with this writing gig.

Anonymous said...

it's not 'procrastination' if you're working on a novel... it's 'processing & fermenting'both necessary to the process!

another procrastinatiing novel writer

darkorpheus said...

Ovidia - fermenting. I like that idea. :)