Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Percy (Nine)

Your friend is coming I say
to Percy, and name a name

and he runs to the door, his
wide mouth in its laugh-shape,

and waves, since he has one, his tail.
Emerson, I am trying to live,

as you said we must, the examined life.
But there are days I wish

there are less in my head to examine,
not to speak of the busy heart. How

would it be to be Percy, I wonder, not
thinking, not weighting anything, just running forward.

~ Mary Oliver, from Red Bird

This poetry is for those of us who thinks too much, and yearn sometimes for a simpler way - a way of living more spontaneously, more carelessly. To be overly conscious sometimes brings with it a certain kind of pain.

PS: Photo of Mary Oliver and Percy - the actual dog Percy - here.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem. Percy is not the dog I expected, somehow I thought he'd be bigger. But he's cute and that is a great photo.

darkorpheus said...

Stefanie - Hey,you too? Before I saw the picture, I imagine Percy as a big grey dog too, probably a mix breed, with saggy, unkempt fur.

Then I saw that cute little bugger and I was a little - underwhelmed. :/