Thursday, May 01, 2008

Walking the Talk

For those who read the Rebecca Solnit essay, "Men Who Who Explain Things", I would like to point you to this post, by gartenfische. It is her response to Solnit's essay, with a personal story of how she came to be told one day, by the people at her workplace, that she was an unreliable witness to her own work performance, and her own worth. They tried to short-change her, and then worked to discredit her.

What was admirable was how she challenged this unfairness -- in spite of the great strain on her and her family. I wondered if I would have the courage and mental endurance to do what she did?

Virtues like moral courage are taught by example, not by mere preaching. For what it is worth, I think her daughter has a great example to learn from.


Anonymous said...

Oh hey, thanks! I'm just getting caught up on blog reading.

And thanks, too, for posting the Solnit piece which led me to write about my experience.

darkorpheus said...

gartenfische You're welcome, and thank you for posting your own experience. I just can't imagine how I could have done what you did. But grateful there is someone like you.

Oh, Rebecca Solnit is a wonderful writer. Hope you will get around to reading more of her books one day.