Sunday, August 24, 2008

DVD | Clueless Guy Goes, "Kimberly Deal. Like The Breeders."

I was just watching the documentary loudQUIETloud on DVD, about the Pixies when they reunited for a sold-out tour in 2004.

One of the advantages of watching a film on DVD are the Extra Features, like the deleted scenes.

In one of the deleted scenes from the DVD, where Kim Deal (bassist and vocalist for the Pixies) goes to a music shop. She was paying for her purchase with her credit card, and the guy at the store remarked, "Kimberly Deal. Like The Breeders." (Kim Deal is lead vocalist and guitarist for The Breeders)

The guy went on to ask if Kim Deal listens to The Breeders. Kim says "No", and the guy just continues, telling her they are "really a cool band, actually."

Deal has this look of utter disbelief, which is just priceless.

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