Saturday, August 23, 2008

Packing My Life Into Cardboard Boxes: Introduction

Never let it be said that I am not melodramatic. Let me introduce a new feature on my other blog, "Packing My Life Into Cardboard Boxes". In this series, I finally begin the process of packing up my life in preparation for Dubai. If all goes well, I should be there in September 2008. It will be right in the middle of Ramadan, when the locals begin their month-long fast and all things slow down. Important things like work-permit applications.

As always, my timing is impeccable.

Read Day I, where I was distracted by a long forgotten book.

It all begins with a single cardboard box. Books goes in.


Anonymous said...

Why not leave the mementos in the book since the book is also a memento of sorts?

darkorpheus said...

Stefanie - Part of the decluttering process, I suppose. I know someone who is interested in the book, so I'm giving it away instead.

Some memories are not meant to be kept.

Carl V. Anderson said...

It is fun to find things in books, I always enjoy it when I discover an old movie stub in a book or other things I may have tucked in there.

Although it is an adventure you are embarking on it makes me sad to see your books going into boxes. May sound silly, but many of us can relate to the bittersweetness of moving. And books in boxes is one of the saddest things ever.

darkorpheus said...

Carl - Right now, I find a lot of old bookmarks in those books I haven't touched for a while. No wonder I never seem to have any bookmarks around the house.

Books in boxes - at this moment it's more tiring than sad. And there's just too many books. I've started the culling process. Some books will have to go. I can't afford to move them to the new places.

So I either have to find new homes for them, or trash them.

And remember - books in boxes - there will be the unpacking later. That may be fun. But probably also very tiring :)

Carl V. Anderson said...

Yes, packing inevitably involves unpacking. Which can indeed be just as tiring as the packing! I haven't done it enough yet that I want to get rid of any of my books though. ;)