Saturday, August 23, 2008

OLYMPICS | Norway Takes GOLD for Women's Handball!

Norway vs Russia: 34-27


[Photos: Philippe Huguen/Scanpix/AFP]

This will be the last of my Olympics related posts for 2008. I think.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Very cool! Of course it is probably sad that I am more happy because of the fact that growing up during the later part of the Cold War era and because of their recent activities I am happy to hear of Russia getting beat in any and all events. Not fair to the no doubt very lovely athletes who are just their to compete.

One thing I was thinking about yesterday listening to NPR is the need to remember that Russia the country and the individual Russian people are not the same things. Just like here in the US, our leaders do things without our permission and without our blessing. I am sure the average Russian doesn't want their country to be doing things that push it into a more aggressive stance with the rest of the world any more than I want us to suddenly have to start considering Russia a threat.

That is what I love about the Olympics, it can focus attention on a real person with real feelings and real goals and you can love them for who they are and divorce any negative feelings about their country from them. I feel sorry for the young Chinese female gymnasts because of that. Whether or not they are underage, things their country has done has certainly tainted their image in the world and that is sad.

darkorpheus said...

Carl - Sometimes I think it's naive to think we can always separate the politics from the Olympics. Also, separating the people from their government - who might, or might not have been elected by the people themselves.

There was all the worldwide protest of the Beijing Olympics before it began - and these gestures offended a lot of ordinary Chinese people. They are proud that their country is hosting the Olympics - and they don't understand why is the rest of the world so against them.

Or we can just focus on the winning Norwegian handball team right now. And trust me, Carl, they have some very lovely ladies on that handball team. Lovely ladies who also happen to be very tall, very blonde, with powerful throwing arms. :)