Wednesday, April 11, 2007

MOVIE | Stardust Pfeiffer Stills

She holds a knife, and yet looks wonderfully beautiful

Did I ever mention how much I adore Michelle Pfeiffer since Ladyhawke?

She's in the upcoming Stardust movie, as Lamia the witch. From some of the stills I've seen Michelle Pfeiffer is stunning, with her cold eyes, that bone structure like something carved out of marble, and that slow, gravelly voice.

Stills from Stardust the movie, via Film.Ick.

Stardust trailer. Via YouTube. Michelle Pfeiffer is gorgeous in here. Well, except for the few angles where she suffers from bad complexion.


Imani said...

Lamia, eh? Her facial structure is perfect for that role, especially if one judges from the first shot. I've never read any Gaiman before.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I love MP, but I'm still iffy about her in this role. I would prefer lesser known people in the film. If, however, she turns out to be wonderful in the role I'll be the first to admit that my fears were unfounded.

I haven't thought about Ladyhawke for years. I've got to pick up a copy of that on DVD.

Anonymous said...

I truly love Michelle Pfeiffer as an actress. She's wonderful. I'm pretty happy about her in this role, I have a tendency to warm to films she is in. That said, I do have vaguely similar concerns to's a tricky one.

And yes, she's gorgeous, and the best Catwoman ever. :D

darkorpheus said...

Quixotic: Ah...yes, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. It gives me warm, fuzzy feelings just to remember her in the movie. And the way she played with the whip.

Oh why, oh why, did Tim Burton not make that Catwoman movie?

I think it'll be okay with Pfeiffer in Stardust - I am bias, of course, but my faith lies with her ability to actually act.

Hopefully she'll steal the movie like Tilda Swinton did for Constantine.