Saturday, June 30, 2007

HOUSEKEEPING | Changed Avatar

I was bored with my avatar, so just for fun, I've upload the image of Lena Headey from 300 to replace the previous picture of The Lament of Orpheus by Pascal Adolphe Jean Dagnan-Bouveret. The next time I post on your blog, you might see Queen Gorgo on your comment page.

Ah, Lena Headey; She was a vision of elegance, strength and beauty in 300. I love the scene in the movie when the Persian envoy criticised her for speaking amongst men and Queen Gorgo shot back proudly, "Because only Spartan women give birth to real men!"

Is this not a glorious sight to behold?

As you can tell, I have a major crush on Lena Headey.


chrisa511 said...

It is indeed a glorious sight to behold :)

Now I'm going to be wondering who the hell is posting comments on my blog until I get used to your new avatar ;)

Bybee said...

That's the line my son likes best in the movie. I think he has a crush on her as well. I must show him your new avatar. He'll be so pleased.

My favorite line is "Then we'll fight in the shade." in response to the boast of Persian arrows blotting out the sun. I'm a sucker for a cool rejoinder. Leonias and Gorgo definitely had it going on in that department!

darkorpheus said...

Chris - Heehee. Or you could just go: "Hey, hot chick with blade!"

Bybee - I like that line too. It's so manly - but then they really did have the arrows blocking out the sun.

300 was such a fun movie!

Carl V. Anderson said...

Great avatar change! I love that 300 poster the best! Can't wait until the end of the month when it comes out on DVD.

darkorpheus said...

Carl - I'm waiting for the DVD too! Actually, I feel like downloading the soundtrack as the ringtone on my handphone. :)

Anyway, Queen Gorgo will be guest-avataring for a while. Until the next change.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I didn't find Lena wildly attractive in Brothers Grimm, but she was stunning in 300. Wow!!!

darkorpheus said...

When I first watched Brothers Grimm, I actually sat up and took notice of this beautiful woman with the well-defined bone structure. I wondered who she was way back then.

Of course the rest of the movie was about Heath Ledger and Matt Damon running around, so may be it was a little distracting. And then there's Monica Bellucci. :)

Anonymous said...

very cool avatar!! it made me forget the old one. stick with this i think.

i still can't believe i haven't seen 300. i read the graphic novel but have been so broke i haven't seen a movie in months!

i can't wait to see it though!

thanks for stopping by at my blog.

darkorpheus said...

Jean Pierre - your blog looks fun, and I definitely will be swinging by more often - although I admit I don't always comment as often as I should.

300 was a visual feast. Maybe you would like to consider watching the DVD with your wife. The both of you can admit the sea of manly abs (and the beauty of Lena Headey!) together.

Or maybe not. Unless you have a body like Gerard Butler. Then it's okay to have your wife ogling at other tanned, manly chests and abs. ;p

Anonymous said...

i really want her to see it with me. i'm a big fan of frank miller and somehow its quite important to me that she reads these books i like or at least watches the films based on them. no, thats a lie, she has to read the graphic novels!! :)

i can't wait for her to read "v for vendetta" too. oh, theres lots...! she loved "the sandman", though and does like dark stuff, so its not like i'm totally forcing her, though...

but yeah, i'm sure she'll enjoy gerard butler!

thanks for visiting my blog. don't worry about commenting. i don't think we always have something to say anyway... its just nice to know people are reading it! :)