Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rasputina and Buffy Related Music

It's serendipity that led me to the new Rasputina album while checking out Blog of a Bookslut.

Rasputina's new album, Oh Perlious World, is schedule for release this June. If you're a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan who owns all the Buffy soundtrack albums (like *ahem* me), then you may find Rasputina familiar. In one of the episodes, Drusilla danced to "Transylvanian Concubine" by Rasputina - a band described as a "chamber-rock trio". They have that odd blend of cello goth-rock accompanied by strong female vocals that I dig. Some of their music is hard to categorize, but that's part of the Awesome in the experience.

I adore Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Among some of my good Buffy memories are some great music that were introduced to me, that I might never have heard otherwise, like Rasputina, as well as Darling Violetta (who did the soundtrack to the Angel series.)

The best of all music-wise, Buffy the Vampire Slayer made a Sarah McLachlan fan out of me. Towards with the end of Season 2, Buffy had to exile Angel to the hell dimension to save the world - even when he recovered his soul minutes before the hellgate opened. It broken Buffy's heart - as it broke ours then, when we watched it on TV. The sound that was playing as a Buffy in despair left Sunnydale was Sarah McLachlan's "Full of Grace" - and it just closes the show beautifully. That song caused hearts to go a-flutter among my fellow Buffy fans. One of my classmate came to class with the lyrics to "Full of Grace" after that episode, and she pinned it on the noticeboard, just so we can remember that moment better.

OMG, we were such Buffy geeks then. But I digress.

NPR's All Songs Considered segment has a bunch of Summer 2007 Preview. Among the bands previewed are: Tegan and Sara, Nick Drake, Ryan Adams - and of course Rasputina.

NPR offered Rasputina's "Choose Me For Champion" ( from the Oh Perilous World album) for sample. Elsewhere, you can also download another single, Cage in a Cave.

And here, is the MTV for "Saline the Salt Lake Queen":



Anonymous said...

I am such a Buffy geek! I only own the first soundtrack, but I did buy albums from a few bands featured on it because I loved it - Sarah McLachlan was one of the artists I especially liked! And I own all the Buffy series (pirates from China, cheap and cheerful). Have you read the last season in the comics?

darkorpheus said...

Ah! Well-met, fellow Buffy geek! :)

Which bands did you get?

And there was one particular Sarah McLachlan sound, "Prayer of St Francis" which was a limited release and I cold only find it on a Buffy soundtrack. Remember when Willow went evil, and Buffy and Dawn were stuck in the pit? At the end of the last episode, Xander saves the day and Buffy and Dawn climbs out of the pit - and "Prayer of St Francis" was playing.

Had to get that specific soundtrack just for that song.

Ah, the beauty of pirated DVDs from China. I was in Hanoi 2 years back and I still have many pirated film DVDs unwatched. My Sopranos, Queer as Folks, Sex and the City, Angel series were all such acquisitions.

Maybe we should not be discussing these illegal acquistion so publicly. ;p

I'm still waiting for the Buffy comics to come out in trade paperback before reading it. Truth is, I'm only following the story online -

Carl V. Anderson said...

Finally got to watch that video! Very interesting imagery, I enjoyed it. I love hearing about and listening to groups/individuals I have never heard of. Thanks! I love the fact that the one member is a classically trained cellist and dulcimer player. Sometimes having that kind of background and yet going in a completely different direction musically makes for some creative music.