Sunday, October 14, 2007

BIONIC WOMAN | Sarah Corvus on "Sisterhood"

I just watched Episode 3 of the new Bionic Woman -- and I am pleased to find out the writing has improved from the lacklustre pilot.

Episode 3, entitled "Sisterhood", has Sarah Corvus approaching Jaime Sommers for help. Corvus is slowly dying, and she believes that only by studying the newer bionic technology within Sommers will she be able to prolong her life-span. Which brings up an interesting idea for future episodes: How long exactly does Jaime Sommers have to live?

Another interesting revelation was that it was Will -- Jaime's now-deceased surgeon boyfriend -- who revived Sarah Corvus after the latter was shot by Jae. Why did Will keep it a secret from Berkut?

There was a remark about some genetic disorder that Jaime's great-grandmother had. Groundworks for future episodes perhaps.

The highlight of this episode has to be Katee Sackhoff's Sarah Corvus. Her psychotic killing machine has a scared, vunerability that makes you feel for her -- and Corvus also has some of the funniest lines in her scenes with Jaime Sommers. Here's some of my favourite:

Sarah Corvus to Jaime Sommers, on the GPS tracking device Berkut has installed in their brains:

Sarah Corvus: You haven't figured out how to disable their GPS yet?
Jaime Sommers: You can do that?
Sarah Corvus: You have to. Those Berkut guys look at you in the showers you know.
Jaime Sommers: Oh my god.
Sarah Corvus: Yeah, don't even get me started on how objectifying this whole Bionic Woman thing is. They don't tell you anything. That's why you and I have to stick together. Even form a union.

Sarah Corvus storms off after Jaime Sommers refuses to help save Corvus:

Jaime Sommers: Where are you going, Sarah?
Sarah Corvus: I'm going to go lay down on a sidewalk and die.
Jaime Sommers: You don't have to be so dramatic.
Sarah Corvus: Don't I? Because I thought I was just been told by the one person in the world who can save my life that she's got better things to do. That feels pretty dramatic to me. Not that I can actually feel anything -- but I can intellectually imagine that that feel pretty dramatic.

I hope the series could at least maintain the standard of this episode, or even surpass it. I keep reading about writers and producers leaving the show -- not a good sign of things to come


Doc Martian said...

sarah is a full-on bunnyboiler. she'll wack out on a mess o' people. it'll be like the matrix and shit. jaime will have to outsmart sarah. maybe with some electrical impulse.

all in all its looking pretty groovy. i figure it for 3 or 4 seasons.


darkorpheus said...

Bunnyboiler? Okay, she's that psycho. Which is part of the charm, really. :)

Not quite sure about Bionic Woman going for the long haul though. What seems to work for this episode is the strong, interesting antagonist for Jaime Sommers to square off with. This will be pretty demanding on the writers -- who seems to be quitting all over the place.

Carl V. Anderson said...

I think each episode of BW has gotten better and really like what they did with this third episode.

I'd have to say that I don't see BW lasting beyond one season, though, if it even makes it through one full season.

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Anonymous said...

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