Sunday, October 21, 2007

Slash: The Memoir

Full disclosure: there was a time when I wanted to marry Slash. When I was too young and awkward like hell, he was the epitome of cool. That big mane of black curls, that top-hat, the heavy sunglasses that obscured a pair of moody, sensitive eyes. I love it that he had that cartoon caricature of himself (with top-hat) tattooed on his arm. It was cute and he had the style to pull it off.

The way he thrusted his hips forward while playing the guitar. You wonder what else he could do with those strong, deft fingers.

Slash was Sex with a Guitar.

So you know I really want this:

Slash biography

Released October 30, 2007

Here's a video of Slash riffing The Godfather theme:

What is there not to like about this beautiful, gifted man?


purplefugue said...

You're right...Slash is uber cool and deliciously sexy. Wonder if you know that he's on 2 tracks on the 'Curdled' soundtrack? Great movie but even better music.

Imagine - an Italian love song given the Slash-rock treatment. I LOVE!!!

darkorpheus said...

Hey, thanks! Did not know that. Will see if I can find it online or among friends. :)

I love Slash.