Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Facebook, Dracula and a Note on Wanderlust

I HATE to lose. I really mean it. I'm not just competitive. Sometimes when I lose, I'm suddenly like - possessed by a dark force more powerful than myself and I will keep hitting back until I win. No matter the cost.

It could be my fiery Aries that makes me do stuff like that - but to get all worked up over FightPoke on Facebook? OMG. I have to keep off Facebook for a while. Especially Fightpoke. But I still want to drop by everyday to take good care of the fluff(Friend) I've adopted - a tofu named Augustus - who just happens to be vegetarian.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about - good for you.

My foray into Facebook came innocently enough - from a friend's invitation. What I wasn't prepared for was the "Six Degrees of Separation" in my restricted social circle:

  1. A high school classmate and a former manager of mine are cousins.
  2. One of my Exes is a friend of an ex-colleague.
  3. A high school classmate and a university classmate are both acquainted with an ex-colleague.
  4. One of my university classmate is ex-colleagues with a friend of mine.

You get the idea. In fact, the world feels so tiny right now, it make me want to scream and hide in a quiet cave somewhere for some private space. In fact, I cant wait to run off to Hanoi, where I do not speak the native language and I know absolutely nobody.

More Reading Related Stuff: The recent posts are more off-the-cuff than usual because I have been spending less time at this blog - the server at work is in a coma, and I have resumed my daily evening yoga classes.

I have also been reading Dracula faithfully for the past few days - and I am sucked (PUN!) in by Stoker's gothic classic. The epistolary narrative effectively builds up the suspense and the power of the vampire master. His power is like the wind - felt but unseen.

Meanwhile, something I copied from Dervla Murphy's One Foot in Laos a while back:

It seems odd that the wanderlust, unlike other lusts, does not diminish with age.

Maybe it does. Maybe over time, some of our desires do die, cooled as we might say, as age tempers the fire of youth. Many people settle, grow sedentary ― then there are the few that remains unbridled, untamed - their eyes always looking past your shoulder at something beyond. These are the restless hearts like Dervla Murphy. They may not always be happy, and sometimes it seems they can never find peace - but they are the adventurers, the young-at-hearts who are still open to the world around them.

One should hope to have a spirit like Dervla Murphy.


Anonymous said...

I've got One Foot in Laos down for the challenge as well but I haven't even found the book yet! In the sense of family, I'm ready to settle down with someone who shares the same scope in life, and that is monogamy. But in the sense of travel, I can't never stop wandering hahaha... I need to get this book and start reading...been stagnant lately on this challenge.

On Facebook. Okay almost all my friends are on Facebook and they have all been inviting me along. But I've already had a full plate with this blog so I rather not.

Unknown said...

I know what you mean. I was poking people last night and thinking to myself "Now, WTF am i doing?" Heehee.

Lotus Reads said...

These are the restless hearts like Dervla Murphy. They may not always be happy, and sometimes it seems they can never find peace - but they are the adventurers, the young-at-hearts who are still open to the world around them.

One should hope to have a spirit like Dervla Murphy.

Amen to that!!! I have yet to read something by Dervla Murphy but I have read so much about her... she sounds like an amazing person!

darkorpheus said...

Matt I always thought I am the kind who would be happy in a relationship - until I realise I am a loner. In all my relationships, I come to a point when I would start itching to get out - but I've never cheated.

I much prefer the blog than facebook - more communicative.

Leng What have our lives come to? And for someone supposedly "anti-social" - you've added quite a long list of people.

Lotus I reread what I wrote and realise there are gramamtical mistakes. But I'm just going to keep it.

Dervla Murphy is really something - her recent books are about her travels through Siberia - she made the trip when she's 71 years old!

I really admire her spirit and her courage - that would risk travelling through remote parts of Russia when most people say at 70, we should slow down. I believe she was robbed on the way, but fear did not stop her. I want to be like her. (The wanderlust part, not the being robbed bit)

But then, if my 70 year old mother wants to travel to Siberia, I would freak.

purplefugue said...

You've adopted a tofu named Augustus? As you can tell, clueless me is not on Facebook. I'm already addicted to my Mac, I don't need another addiction to consume my waking hours. Otherwise when can I read? Now...a tofu?? Hmm... :-)

Now I've seen a number of Dracula movies but you know, I've never read Stoker's book. How remiss! I see you saw The Brave One. Enjoyed it? I LOVE Jodie Foster and this was a very strong role, as usual.

So when are you off to Hanoi and for how long? Anyway, enjoy your trip and take loads of photos.

Crystal said...

After Dracula, check out The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova...very interesting modern story about good ol' Vlad.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you.

The reason that I started the blog is to meet people, namely, book lovers with whom I can share and talk about books and related subjects. Now I spend almost half the time reading and responding to comments people leave on the blog, leaving little time for other web surfing, other than e-mails.

I have never cheated in any of my relationships--I wear out my heart on the sleeves too much. That's why I'm so easily hurt. :P

darkorpheus said...

Indigo Oh yes - I thought of adopting a cute tiger or a rabbit at first - then the tofu came up - and I decided on an AUGUST name. ;p

I had some problems with The Brave One - but I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed Terence Howard and Jodie Foster in the film. I even have the poster in my room right now.

Flying off to Hanoi on 18th Nov.

I better not promise any photos. My Turkey photos from April are still languishing on my laptop. ;p

Crystallyn I wanted to read The Historian at first - but it seems so THICK. It's really good?

Matt Wearing your heart on the sleeves - have you ever felt maybe it you could just learn to withhold your emotions a little more, then maybe things might work out better to your advantage?

I know I do.

Sometimes it seems like love is a power-play, and when we put our hearts out too soon - we relinquish control of the relationship.

LK said...

I like your upun. :) I got sucked into Dracula, too.

Hey, I'm an Aries, too. Yay, Rams!

Anonymous said...

Relinquish control of relationship. That's it. You nail it.

I'm slowly getting it (hopefully), it's like a mind change, self-enlightenment. I'm beginning to get in touch with who I am in regard of relationship. All the years of repression (before coming out) make me crave for emotional bondage that only leaves me defeated in these unrequited giving.

darkorpheus said...

LK Aries - strong-headed, intense, loyal. Yay!

Matt A partner who is willing to give wholeheartedly is a rare find, Matt. It's not always a bad thing - I guess it just means you have to find someone who will not abuse it, or take it for granted. I hope you find someone who deserves you. I really do.