Saturday, October 20, 2007

Trying to Keep The Stacks Down

Maybe I should follow Danielle's example and try to crack down on the half-read stacks of books. My books in progress are starting to feel out of control - and so close to the end of the year, one should be trying to tie up loose ends. I always admire people who finish what they start. Maybe I admire this quality because I find it so difficult myself.

So, I'm going to avoid the library for a while - I can never really leave the library empty-handed. It doesn't matter that I have fifteen books waiting to be finished at home. I would still pick up something from the library - start reading it on the way home - and add on to the books in progress.

Yet in spite of my resolution to reduce the stacks, I started on a new book this morning - Bram Stoker's Dracula. This is important (and therefore forgiveable), as I need to finish the R.I.P. II Challenge. I tried to read it last year but as things went, I was distracted and did not manage to complete it. I find it ironic that while I claim to be a fan of vampires, I have never managed to finish reading Dracula.

At the point Jonathan Harker is still trapped within Dracula's castle. But it's a heady read - Harker's stiff-collared narrative voice in the face of this atmosphere of dread and horror. Good stuff! Thank goodness for the weekend, except for sleep, meals, chores and yoga class, it's uninterrupted reading time.

I just remembered NaNoWriMo is NEXT MONTH! I really want to do this, because who don't want to throw out a novel of at least 50,000 words?

Hanoi trip? No problem! I'll just pack a notebook and write long-hand then. The only problem is I have not decided on the plot of the story I'm going to write yet. Or maybe I should just play by ear - the way I do a lot of things.

Okay, what do I have: Vampires. Check. Angst. Check. Death. Check. Cheesy romance. Check.

Can't wait for November. Holiday, lots of rest and reading, some writing of bad prose.

Hey, Chris - you're still on? ;p

[This post was written while listening to Radiohead's new album. Currently it's only available for download from How you respond to it may depend on how you like your Radiohead - earlier days or the later experimental style. Personally, I find this new album accessible.]


Anonymous said...

reading dracula is definitely allowed, i'd say, as its part of the challenge :)

as it happens, i'm also reading it at the moment and, funnily enough, i'm at exactly the same place in the book! i'm really enjoying it a lot.

(glad to hear the new radiohead is good!)

chrisa511 said...

I loved Dracula! I was the same vampires, but I had never read the father of all vampire books! Glad I did.

Yeah, I'm still on for NaNo...I decided last night. I was going to bail out with the new job and all as I didn't think I'd have time, but I decided last night that I should tell myself to shutup and write! So I registered! The only problem now is that I'm not sure I like my original idea, so I may go into my novel completely blind...we'll see. I really want to write my novel by hand for some reason, but that would probably result in severe hand cramping. There's just something romantic about writing by hand. But I'm sure I'll end up on my trusty computer. It's so much faster.

Oh, and I LOVE the new Radiohead album!! I've been listening to it over and over and again. I'm in love with tracks 1 & 4...can't think of names right now.

Melwyk said...

I just signed up for NaNoWriMo also, even though Nov. is busy. Another friend with 2 kids is doing it so I couldn't back out on her - that's my reasoning.

I've never read Dracula either. I keep telling myself I SHOULD. Then never do. Have you read Robin McKinley's "Sunshine"? That's a vampire novel I enjoyed.

Ana S. said...

Yup, starting Dracula is definitely forgiveable!

Best of luck for NaNoWriMo. I will be a cheerleader for both you and Chris.

I love "In Rainbows" more and more every day. It's definitely more accessible than, say, Kid A or Amnesiac, but yeah, I think it's great all the same.

Doc Martian said...

maybe do a novel about some dark force you discover in hanoi. ala harker.


darkorpheus said...

Jean Pierre I'm enjoying Dracula - the moodiness, the foreboding. Glad I picked it up.

Chris I thought I might skip NaNoWriMo too, because of travel plans etc. But I thought - why not just try? So, glad to have you onboard!

I know the writing long-hand romance - "Stardust" was written in long-hand, in a pretty journal apparently. But I think I think my patience will wear thin after a while. And I need to edit - can't do that on paper.

Melanie I am enjoying Dracula - so do try to read it if you ever get a chance. "Sunshine" - I remember reading good reviews about it. Will try to check out the library as soon as I have time. Wait - no new books, so next year. :)

Yay for NaNoWriMo!

Nymeth Thanks for volunteering to be our cheerleader! We'll our best.

Glad you like the new Radiohead too. I was afraid I might not like it.

Doc Martian If I do meet any dark forces in Hanoi, I would run!

Doc Martian said...

dark: A giant kim-chee monster that fled from its korean roots and took up living in the mean streets of hanoi working as an enforcer for a one-eyed vietnamese madam! it has to return to its earthen pot every night or be devoured with rice and eggs in the morning by korean ex-patriates.