Sunday, October 21, 2007

MUSIC | Nightwish's Dark Passion Play

I've had my eye on Dark Passion Play - the new studio album by Finnish metal group, Nightwish. What makes me hesitate buying it however, is the departure of their previous vocalist, Tarja Turunen. This album features new vocalist Anette Olzen, who does not possess the grand operatic prowess of her predecessor. Not that Anette Olzen is a bad singer - but her voice is more popsy and sweet. I find it difficult to come to terms with a "sweet" metal vocalist.

I keep comparing the two vocalists and I think I still prefer Tarja Turunen's more mature soprano that blends well with the more masculine keyboard and guitar play.

The songs from the new album are available on Nightwish's Myspace. If you would like, check out the songs with Anette Olzen, then compare them to the earlier Nightwish masterpieces with Tarja Turunen.

"I Wish I Had an Angel" featuring vocals by Tarja Turunen:

"Nemo" also featuring vocals by Tarja Turunen:

Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen is great, isn't she? She has that vocal presence that comes with her operatic training. (No wonder, because opera is a highly dramatic art form.) Most of all, she not only sounds great - she looks the part of the Gothic Metal Goddess. Last I heard she is going to release her solo album.


purplefugue said...

Awesome, awesome singer and band! I love this kind of rock music - great melody, lyrics you can actually hear (unlike a lot of other stuff that's just snarling growls) and a fantastic lead singer. Pity she's left although it's good to know she may be releasing a solo album. But thanks for sharing the videos. I'm going to track them down. :-)

darkorpheus said...

Aren't they great? The new album is also superb - just a different direction. The most incredible thing is - they are a Finnish band with English lyrics.

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, that was some powerful singing, I got goosebumps! I will be looking for more of their music, thanks!

darkorpheus said...

Lotus Tarja's voice is sheer majesty, isn't it? Glad you like it. :)

Lotus Reads said...

I liked it so much I came back here today to take another listen! :)

darkorpheus said...

you're welcome to come listen to their songs anytime.