Wednesday, January 09, 2008

BOOKS | Forthcoming New Titles

We interrupt our recent series of yoga posts for a report on forthcoming books that has caught our attention.

Laurie R. King, (author of those utterly winsome Mary Russell novels) was blogging over at The Rap Sheet last week. She wrote a little on The Language of Bees -- the new Mary Russell in progress (scheduled for Spring 2009). It is set back in England in the summer of 1924, after Mary and Holmes have returned from India (The Game) and San Francisco (Locked Rooms and Holmes’ tale in The Art of Detection):

So, currently I’m writing a story about a hive of bees that has gone berserk, and why. I am also researching the subculture of Bohemia, and not the sort of Bohemia that had a scandal solved (more or less) by Holmes. I will also deal with several pieces of unfinished business from some of the other novels, and bring in a major plot and at least two subplots, one about love.

I feel as if I’m holding the reins of a four-horse team that is in a fractious mood.

It's always reassuring to know your favourite author is hard at work. ;p

Also getting some blog coverage, is the forthcoming English translation of Haruki Murakami's What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. It's a memoir of a sort, about his running experience, his writing, his passion for music -- another contribution to the mystique of Haruki Murakami, I guess. The US edition will only be available in July 2008, while the UK edition is scheduled for May 2008.

On a sidenote: A couple of colleagues and I were looking at the original Japanese version of the book yesterday, trying to acertain the content of the book. As I observed the conversation about the book, it occurred to me that no one else caught the Raymond Carver reference on the title.

Somehow that saddens me a little.


Rebecca H. said...

That Murakami book sounds interesting! I didn't fall in love with the fiction of his I read, but I bet I'd enjoy a memoir-type thing.

Andi said...

*lusts after anything Murakami related*