Thursday, January 03, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

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Cate Blanchett as Agent Spalko in the "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". [Photo from Vanity Fair, by Annie Leibovitz]

Who's her stylist? Anna Wintour? Gawd awful!

Indiana Jones is one of my childhood heroes. Yeah, as a girl you're not supposed to like stuff like Indy, but I do. I wanted to be Indiana Jones -- I bet you lots of girls do too. I loved all the Indiana Jones movies, with their exhilarating action and humour. I love Indy's signature battered fedora and I get a tingle sometimes when I hear the Indy theme song. Harrison Ford really made the character. He seems to have a knack for playing those roguish heroes with a noble heart. In all the Indy movies, Indy ALWAYS gets beaten up, but he still manages to rise again to save the day.

Among all the Indy films, I have a special fondness for "The Last Crusade" which has Sean Connery. Who can forget the way Connery goes: "Junior?"

Be sure to catch the Vanity Fair feature on the set of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". I don't know the plot. I don't care. I'm watching the movie anyway. ;p


Ana S. said...

I am definitely watching it as well. I wanted to be Indiana Jones when I was a little girl, too. In fact, my "I'm going to be an archaeologist when I grow up" phase lasted quite a few years.

My favourite is The Temple of Doom, but The Last Crusade is a close second.

darkorpheus said...

OMG! I wanted to be an archaeologist too! I used to role-play with my friends how we would find buried treasures etc. Blanket and pillows make good "tombs" to crawl into.

But then when I grew up, I realise it wasn't as exciting and you have to remember a lot of foreign looking words.

Imani said...

I enjoyed the Indiana Jones movies as a kid too. I had no idea Blanchett was in the new movie. Hmmmm. Maybe I'll give it a shot.

darkorpheus said...

Imani But be warned: rumours have it the script was something of a last minute job. But then again, do we watch Indiana Jones for the story? Well, maybe. But it's sort of secondary.

Stefanie said...

I love Indiana Jones. I even had a real whip once. My husband loves the movies more than I do and has them nearly memorized. We will definitely be going to see the movie. Poor Kate, I hope she gets to wear something more than drab gray. And it looks like Ford lost some weight too. He was starting to get a bit chunky there for a while.

darkorpheus said...

Stefanie Harrison Ford was getting all mid-life crisis for a while, dating skinny younger woman, starring in movies where he dates skinny younger woman.

You had a whip? *grin* I wanted a whip after I saw Catwoman in Batman Returns.