Thursday, January 24, 2008

WoYoPracMo | Day 24 Time to Take A Child's Pose

Ashtanga class tonight was manageable. Strength-wise I wasn't at my best, but I was able to breathe with relative ease through most of the asanas.

But I've been feeling a tightness at the back of my left thigh recently, and my left knee hurt when I tried to straighten the leg in Boat Pose. I might have over-strained the joints and muscles on my left leg somehow.

I love the newfound strength that the daily practice has given me, as I have been working my way to move on to the intermediate Power classes. There is an intermediate Power class tomorrow evening that I had planned to take, except a part of me says: You need to take a Child's Pose for now. Ease off on the knees. You need to practice Ahimsa on yourself.

This means either an Yin class, Restorative Yoga, or a gentle home practice. That is fine too. It will allow me some quiet time to catch up on some reading.

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