Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Books Purchased But Are They Read?

I own too many books. This may not be a bad thing, but it certainly is something I have no more space for. Besides, I have too many books unread at home, and the library has tonnes of book I want to read for free. So why am I so caught up with the need to possess books?

I've decided to list my book purchased at the sidebar of this blog, and to monitor how many books I buy, and how many books I allow to go unread.

This is partly an initiative to make me more aware of my book buying, and perhaps to encourage me to read the books I have bought previously, before buying new ones.

I will date the books purchased, and when they are read, I will strike them off. At the end of the year, I'll do a quick survey of whether this little exercise is actually effective.


Rebecca H. said...

Sounds interesting. I keep a list of purchased (or mooched) but not read books, but not on my blog -- making it public might help.

Anonymous said...

I catalogued all of my unread books a couple of weeks ago and I have 538! Scary. What's worse I keep buying and keeping checking books out from the library. It's a madness :)

Anonymous said...

Dorothy: Yeah, I'm hoping making it visible will help, kind of like a shopping list to tick-off. Let's just try and see. I have no more space. No more space for books.

Iliana: 538?!! I gasp, although I understand. Perfectly. It's an affliction, really, this book-buying. Heh. ;p

Literary Feline said...

The beginning of this year I decided to track all the "new" books that were added to my TBR collection, but I got scared and decided it was better I didn't know. LOL I currently have 945 books in my TBR room to read. That's not including the bag of books my mother recently loaned me. :-S

Anonymous said...

I am stunned by the figure: 945 TBR books?

Yes, I think it's better not to know. ;p