Wednesday, December 12, 2007

100 BOOKS | 100 Books To Read 2007 Version 4.5

  1. The Man Who Was Thursday G.K. Chesterton
    [25/11/2007 ~ 07/12/2007]

  2. The Moon and Sixpence W. Somerset Maugham
    [03/11/2007 ~ 25/11/2007]

  3. Fathers and Sons Ivan Turgenev
    [translated by Richard Freeborn]
    [18/11/2007 ~ 24/11/2007]

  4. At Large and At Small: Familiar Essays Anne Fadiman
    [07/11/2007 ~ 17/11/2007]

  5. The Bacchae Euripides
    [04/11/2007 ~ 17/11/2007]

  6. Dracula Bram Stoker
    [20/10/2007 ~ 29/10/2007]

  7. Away Amy Bloom
    [18/09/2007 ~ 20/10/2007]

  8. The Razor's Edge W. Somerset Maugham
    [14/09/2007 ~ 07/10/2007]

  9. The Mistress's Daughter A. M. Homes
    [02/10/2007 ~ 05/10/2007]

  10. Ten Thousand Miles Without A Cloud Sun Shuyun
    [01/07/2007 ~ 29/09/2007]

  11. A Perfect Hoax Italo Svevo
    [Translated by J.G. Nichols]
    [06/09/2007 ~ 16/09/2007]

  12. The Stone Gods Jeanette Winterson
    [15/08/2007 ~ 26/08/2007]

  13. The Essential YogaSutra: Ancient Wisdom For Your Yoga Geshe Michael Roach & Christie McNally
    [27/12/2006 ~ 14/08/2007]

  14. Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady Florence King
    [18/07/2007 ~ 30/07/2007]

  15. The Painted Veil W. Somerset Maugham
    [06/07/2007 ~ 08/07/2007]

  16. This Cold Heaven : Seven Seasons in Greenland Gretel Ehrlich
    [01/05/2007 ~ 17/06/2007]

  17. The Color Purple Alice Walker
    [03/06/2007 ~ 10/06/2007]

  18. A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare
    [09/06/2007 ~ 10/06/2007]

  19. The Winter King Bernard Cornwell
    [23/04/2007 ~ 09/06/2007]

  20. Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes
    [18/05/2007 ~ 20/05/2007]

  21. The Cornish Trilogy Robertson Davies
    The Rebel Angels [1981]
    [26/03/2007 ~ 04/04/2007]
    What's Bred In the Bone [1985]
    [04/04/2007 ~ 07/04/2007]
    The Lyre of Orpheus [1988]
    [07/04/2007 ~ 22/04/2007]

  22. After: Poems Jane Hirshfield
    [13/03/2007 ~ 15/04/2007]

  23. The Mauritius Command Patrick O'Brian
    [26/12/2006 ~ 13/01/2007]

  24. The Last Unicorn Peter S. Beagle
    [03/03/2007 ~ 19/03/2007]

  25. Don Fernando W. Somerset Maugham
    [30/11/2007 ~

  26. My Life Anton Chekhov
    [Translated by Constance Garnett]
    [27/11/2007 ~

  27. In Search of Lost Time Marcel Proust
    Swann's Way
    In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower
    The Guermantes Way
    Sodom and Gomorrah
    [Translated by John Sturrock]
    [31/12/2006 ~ 24/11/2007]
    The Prisoner & The Fugitive
    [Translated by Carol Clark & Peter Collier]
    [26/11/2007 ~
    Finding Time Again
    [Translated by Ian Paterson]

  28. A Voice From the Attic: Essays on the Art of Reading Robertson Davies
    [13/11/2007 ~

  29. The Idylls of the King Alfred, Lord Tennyson
    [05/11/2007 ~

  30. The City in Crimson Cloak Asli Erdogan
    [Translated by Amy Spangler]
    [03/11/2007 ~

  31. Journal of a Solitude May Sarton
    [01/09/2007 ~

  32. Zeno's Conscience Italo Svevo

  33. One Thousand Roads To Mecca Edited by Michael Wolfe
    [05/09/2007 ~

  34. Kristin Lavransdatter Sigrid Undset
    [Translated by Tiina Nunnally]
    [27/08/2007 ~

  35. The Southern Gates of Arabia Freya Stark

  36. Nightwood Djuna Barnes

  37. The Comedians Graham Greene
    [06/08/2007 ~

  38. Where the Stress Falls: Essays Susan Sontag
    [01/08/2007 ~

  39. The Dud Avocado Elaine Dundy
    [01/07/2007 ~

  40. King Lear William Shakespeare
    [29/06/2007 ~

  41. Freedom from Fear: And Other Writings Aung San Suu Kyi
    [28/05/2007 ~

  42. Bhagavad Gita Translated by Stephen Mitchell
    [07/06/2007 ~

  43. River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West Rebecca Solnit

  44. Don't Look Now and Other Stories Daphne du Maurier
    [07/05/2007 ~

  45. The Histories Herodotus
    [24/04/2007 ~

  46. In Patagonia Bruce Chatwin
    [14/01/2007 ~

  47. The Bone People Keri Hulme
    [11/03/2007 ~

  48. The Bastard of Istanbul Elif Shafak
    [21/01/2007 ~

  49. Secrets of the Flesh: A Life of Colette Judith Thurman
    [09/12/2006 ~

  50. The Reader Ali Smith
    [19/12/2006 ~

  51. The Late Mattia Pascal Luigi Pirandello

  52. Weight Jeanette Winterson

  53. The Three Musketeers Alexandre Dumas
    [Translated by Richard Pevear]
    [16/12/2006 ~

  54. The Crusades Through Arab Eyes Amin Maalouf

  55. Pilgrim at Tinker Creek Annie Dillard

  56. Earthly Paradise Colette

  57. Cheri and The Last of Cheri Colette

  58. Emma Jane Austen

  59. Leaves of Grass Walt Whitman

  60. By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept Elizabeth Smart

  61. Beware of Pity Stefan Zweig

  62. Skating to Antarctica Jenny Diski

  63. The Garden of Departed Cats Bilge Karasu

  64. Mysteries Knut Hamsun

  65. Running in the Family Michael Ondaatje

  66. House Rules Heather Lewis

  67. A Match To The Heart Gretel Ehrlich

  68. Nine Gates: Essays Jane Hirshfield

  69. The Twelve Caesars Suetonius

  70. Candide Voltaire

  71. Out Of Africa Isak Dinesen/Karen Blixen

  72. Venice Jan Morris

  73. The Leopard Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

  74. The Name of the Rose Umberto Eco

  75. The Power and the Glory / The Heart of the Matter Graham Greene

  76. Walden and Other Writings Henry David Thoreau

  77. Essential Writings Ralph Waldo Emerson

  78. 三国演义 [English Translation: Romance of the Three Kingdoms]

  79. Arabian Sands Wilfred Thesiger

  80. Love Stendhal

  81. The Red and the Black Stendhal

  82. The Charterhouse of Parma Stendhal

  83. Tigers in Red Weather Ruth Padel

  84. Color Victoria Finlay

  85. The Divine Comedy Dante Alighieri

  86. My Wars Are Laid Away In Books: The Life of Emily Dickinson Alfred Habegger

  87. Molloy Samuel Beckett

  88. The Plague Albert Camus

  89. Love Medicine Louise Erdrich

  90. Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdian

  91. The Ice Museum Joanna Kavenna

  92. A Pelican In the Wilderness: Hermits, Solitaries and Recluses Isabel Colegate

  93. Red: Passion and Patience In the Desert Terry Tempest Williams

  94. Travels With A Tangerine Tim Mackintosh-Smith

  95. Les Liaisons Dangereuses Pierre Choderlos de Laclos

  96. The Paris Review Interviews Volume 1

  97. Bel-Ami Guy de Maupassant

  98. 射 雕 英 雄 传 金 庸

  99. How To Read A Book Mortimer J. Adler & Charles Van Doren

  100. The Art of Eating M. F. K. Fisher
    Serve It Forth [1937]
    [21/01/2007 ~ 24/02/2007]
    Consider the Oyster [1941]
    [24/02/2007 ~ 18/03/2007]
    How To Cook A Wolf [1942]
    [18/03/2007 ~ 07/05/2007]
    The Gastronomical Me [1943]
    [07/05/2007 ~
    An Alphabet For Gourmets [1949]


Carl V. Anderson said...

Impressive list! As much as my reading is drawn here and there by whatever whim takes me I don't know if I could plan that far ahead. It would be an interesting experiment, to list what I would like to read this year and then put it somewhere to forget about it and see how much of what was on the list I ended up reading in 07!

darkorpheus said...

I did a similar "100 Books To Read List" for myself last year. Only managed 43 out of 100. Decided I was going to try to do better this year.

Anonymous said...

As Carl said--Impressive list. I think it would take me at least three years to get through it! I have some of the same titles in mind to read this year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Danielle. Although I'm still wondering how many books from this list I will be able to actually finish this year. It may be more ambitious than anything else.

Bybee said...

What a great list. Breathtaking. And it's got a terrific international feel to it.

darkorpheus said...

Thanks Bybee. One can only try. ;)

Anonymous said...

I see Herodotus is 101. Does that mean he's a bonus? :)

LK said...

Holy cr*p! Good luck. I look forward to following your progress.

darkorpheus said...

Hi Stefanie - good eye on #101. Herodotus. Didn't actually think people will spot that so soon. *grin*

It means I might make some changes to the 100 list soon. That means dropping one of the titles - most probably one of the Dumas.

And LK - swearing is allowed on this blog. I swear on a daily basis, so next time please feel free to go ahead. :)

I hope I will do well on this 100 Books challenge for myself too. Last year I managed only about 43 titles out of the 100.

A challenge afterall, gives us something to look forward to, right?

chrisa511 said...

Good luck! Great list...I see you're currently reading Kerri Hulme's The Bone People. I absolutely loved that book. It was incredible!

The Traveller said...

I've been meaning to read Romance of the Three Kingdoms forever! Are you tackling it in Chinese? I feel quite disgraceful that I have a degree in Chinese and haven't read this one yet - one day! The Water Margin and Story of the Stone took me enough time to get through, I should think Romance would be no different. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it though - maybe I'll pick up a copy when I'm in China this summer!

darkorpheus said...

Hi Traveller - yeah, part of the ambition is to read it in Chinese - but the Classical Chinese will probably send me reaching for the dictionary a lot.

You're visiting China this summer? Which part of China?

purplefugue said...

I'm just wondering if you actually have these 101 books already in your library and will pick them out through the year. Cause if you do...I'm envious. That's some list and many really good books. And some I think I'll be adding to mine, thank you.

Thanks for popping by!

darkorpheus said...

Hi Indigo: Most of the books listed here are from my own library. I was trying get around to reading the books I bought this year, hence.

Bybee said...

I love this list! Well done! Even though I've read some of the stuff on here, I'm going to steal it. So there!

Anonymous said...

i thought i was the only one who made a list like this... hahaha!

my wife just hangs her head when she sees me doing this kind of thing. i'm glad to know others do it to.

what prompted your list?

mine was two-fold. on the one hand it was simply to prioritise and list books that i'd really wanted to read. to sort of commit myself to them. and to list them lest i forget them. the plan wasn't to read them during a definite time period - but still, there is no escaping the list. it has been decreed!

the other was that i was briefly getting quite dispondant about the quality of good books left for me to read - i know it seems utterly ridiculous and i know have the opposite problem! at the time though i'd had quite a bad run, so i wanted to do some research and make sure there were at least 100 more really good (as far as i could tell) books waiting out there for me.

i also made another "high brow" one for "self improvement"... haha

Anonymous said...

i like it that you also have books by gide, voltaire, shakespeare and dosteyefsky there...

darkorpheus said...

Hi Jean Pierre - I just felt that my reading was getting a little unfocused. So last year I sat down and set out 100 books I want to challenge myself to read. I did about 43 out of 100. Not bad, I thought.

Of course it's a litte unrealistic to read 100 Books in 365 days when you have a full-time job. Still, it's a goal to strive for.

And then there's always those books - I always wanted to read Gibbon, Herodotus, Voltaire, more Shakespeare - but never did. So, I sat down and planned - 2007 will be the year I read it.

It's something to reach for. But most important is to have fun, and some variety in the process.

What's the point of reading if you don't have fun? :)

Stephanie said...

What a great list!! Is this your own personal challenge??

darkorpheus said...

Stephanie: Oh yes! I started this 100 Books to Read personal challenge last yer. Just thought I could reach for the sky. :)

pam said...

What a great list? What do you do, if you stumble upon a book that you just have to read right now? Do you sneak it into the list, and quietly bump one off, or do you pretty much stick to your list?

darkorpheus said...

Pam: I do add and drop titles to the list from time to time. But I always try to add the "dropped" titles onto next year's list. At the end of the year, I always compare the original reading list with what evolved.

The 100 Books To Read List is just a yearly challenge to get around to reading the books I've always wanted to read - but never found the time. So, not all the books I read are on the list, but some - like The Last Unicorn, are there because the animated film was a significant part of my childhood.

Anonymous said...

射 雕 英 雄 传 金 庸

Wow I didn't know you read Chinese!

I've got the 5-volume set from would most definitely make a good vacation reading them all in one setting.

darkorpheus said...

Matt Oh yeah, I read Chinese - but I read Chinese more slowly, and sometimes with a Chinese dictionary because I'm out of practice.

But usually my reading speed for Chinese picks up when I read continuously for a few weeks - I think the mind starts to kick in to process Chinese instead of English.

Louis Cha is one of those authors I still make an effort to read in Chinese. I haven't read all his works though, so far only: 鹿鼎记, 天龙八部,笑傲江湖,雪山飞狐.

My favourite is still 笑傲江湖. I like the way he always introduces his main characters through hearsay in the book. And when you finally meet them, they turn out to be different from their reputation. There's a very consistent theme of how we are never truly what we seem to others.

Louis Cha should have been translated more and better read worldwide.

Anonymous said...

Just spotted your purchase of 倾 城 之 恋 张 爱 玲. She's one of my favorite contemporary Chinese novelists.

I have a copy of this short story collection which I have yet to start reading. Have you read the novel "Ban Sheng Yuen"?

I agree with you that most, if not all, of Louis Cha's works should be made accessible to international readers.

It's been quite some time since I read 笑傲江湖 as a F1 student!

Anonymous said...

Btw, I'm still in awe of the fact that you read Chinese, and that explains the nice comment you made on my post about Sandy lam concert! :)

darkorpheus said...

Matt Full disclosure: I am Chinese, and my mother is ethnically Cantonese, so growing up it was Cantonese, Mandarin and English all round me. I use English 95% of the time at work, so Chinese has gone pretty rusty.

And you read Chinese too. So does Book Traveller - who actually taught Chinese, and who has a much deeper knowledge and understanding of Chinese literature than me - and who I believe is not Chinese. (which is a good reminder to read a few Chinese books every year - to keep in practice)

One day I hope to be able to read Italian - then I can barely function in 3 languages!

I picked up 倾 城 之 恋 because I wanted to compare the English translation published by NYRB last year. Of course, that means I have to buy a copy of "Love In a Fallen City" first.

I've only read a few short stories by Zhang Ai Ling, but she has an eloquence that I admire.

Have not yet ventured to 半生缘, only vaguely recall the film with Anita Mui. Sorry. ;p

Sandy Lam - I always thought she had retired. When I read your blog about her concert, I was a little surprised she's still performing.

Anonymous said...

Have not yet ventured to 半生缘, only vaguely recall the film with Anita Mui. Sorry. ;p

I don't think 半生缘 is available in English translation. But the novel is my favorite of Chang Ai Ling. The movie altered the story just a tiny bit. Her prose is embellished and crafty, but very powerful and piercing.

Anonymous said...

Just picked up A Small Room by May Sarton, a promising read in an academic setting.

Eileen Chang's Lust.Caution just came out so I'm curious to take a peep. The original (in Chinese) is a short story in 28 pages.

LK said...

I'm suitably impressed. A tip of the Literate Kitten whiskers to ya!

darkorpheus said...

Matt You're really advancing on the Outmoded Authors Challenge, aren't you? :)

LK Thanks -- but I'm having problem finishing a lot of the books on this list though.

Anonymous said...

I'm love it (the Outmoded Challenge) and moving right along! Surprise, surprise. So far the three authors I have read are very interesting and they are great craftsmen of prose.

I'm diving in the fourth book--A Well of Loneliness by Racliffe Hall.

* * *

I must have blinked or something--just spotted "Mysteries" on your 100 Books list. I've been wanting to read Hamsung so I might as well check him out.

darkorpheus said...

Matt Your enthusiasm on the Outmoded Authors Challenge is inspiring. You're out-reading everyone!

Hamsun. Hmm. He's been on my 100 Books To Read List for 2 straight years and yet I still have not gotten around to him.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Kudos to your on your progress, you're really cranking along!

darkorpheus said...

Carl Thanks -- cranking, yes -- like an old machine cranking along, slowly.

Doc Martian said...

here's a goodie for yah!

Olive Schreiner

Alice said...


I did an estimate count based on the reviews and books I've listed as read and as at 3 Nov 2007, totaled 72 books. Hopefully I can finish another 29 books by end of 2007!