Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sugar High Bear

My colleagues are watching me with the anticipation of hyenas for blood this Christmas; They are hoping to be entertained.

Let me explain: Last year on an impulse I piled on the candies, cookies, log cakes and brownies. It was too much too fast and the result was a mind firing on warp-speed. I couldn't stop talking and I was talking so fast no one understood what I was going on about. For two straight hours, I was running around the office like ADHD on speed -- I was on a sugar high and the entire office was there to witness the alarming comedy.

Thankfully that didn't last forever. By 4pm they found me suddenly slumped at my desk, the hood of my jacket pulled over my head. I had crashed. Even this was funny.

This Christmas, the office is speculating on whether I was going to ride on the sugar high again.

I was at my desk yesterday, and I did this to my beanie bear.

What do you think?


purplefugue said...

Oh help!! I was laughing so much at that, DO. Now is that beanie bear to remind you what NOT to do? Or is it a cry in advance to your colleagues what to do to YOU should the sugar crave strike again? Hmmm...

PS...for jazz music, I recommend Lisa Ekdahl (Swedish) and Silje Nergaard (Norwegian) who sing in English. Bought Magnolia too and never watched the movie! :-) Joan Jett is terrific - love her! Go find the Sarah McLaclan/Jewel/Indigo Girls singing The River is Wide at the first Lilith Festival - spine-tingling, hair-raising good.

Iliana said...

Stay strong!! :)
Poor beanie bear but I did have a good chuckle.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Yep, I think they have reason to be anticipating this year's episode. ;) Glad to know that you give your co-workers such cause for joy!

chrisa511 said...

Ha! I love it :D I seem to remember a similar thing happening to one of your other desk accessories. Didn't another bear of yours get attacked by a sugar high previously? Poor little things...;)

darkorpheus said...

Indigo I swear I'm usually moderate on the sweets. Which is probably why the sugar hits me harder.

Maybe the beanie bear is just a sign of my restlessness.

Thanks for the jazz recommendation. let's see what's available in the stores.

I watched the Lilith Fair on DVD a while back - and when I bought the CD for the 1st Lilith Fair, I the McLachlan/Jewel/Indigo Girls song wasn't included. Was a little disappointed then.

Iliana You should watch how my colleagues offer me brownies in the office. Those smirks on their faces.

I have a long strip of ribbon today from a Christmas cake sent to the office. I'm thinking I could mummify beanie bear.

Carl Hee. I think it's these little moments of share laughter and humour that makes working life bearable. Besides, everyone is looking forward to Christmas already.

Chris Haha. It's the same beanie bear - where it acquired an eye-patch and stuff. (he kept the eye-patch, because I thought it looked more manly.)

But this time some bondage is involved. ;p

A colleague found a bikini-top on the shop-floor a few years back. I should have kept the pictures of the things we did with that bikini-top. I think we ended up mailing the top to an ex-colleague.

purplefugue said...

DO...just saw Jenclair's site...are you based here in Singapore? That's too cool! Drop me an email if you like! ;-)

darkorpheus said...

Indigo Oh yeah - The secret's out, huh? ;p

I guess after a while I'm starting to want to shed some anonymity, letting some bit of myself come through via this blog

Stephanie said...

That is just too funny!! The sugar crash is the worst though!

Poor bear!

Stefanie said...

Poor bear. Will you be able to resist all the offers of sweets from your coworkers? Good luck!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Can i have the bear? :p

darkorpheus said...

Stephanie I kind of think beanie bear likes the attention. ;p

Stefanie I ate a whole chocolate reindeer yesterday, slowly. Was very careful about pacing out my sugar in-take. :)

Ah Leng It's yours for $300. Eye-patch included. But it's a birthday beanie for March Babies - you still want it, Baby Virgo?