Friday, December 28, 2007

CHALLENGE | Closing on the Armchair Traveler Reading Challenge 2007

July 1 ~ December 31 2007

I changed a lot of the books in between. Thankfully, I managed to finish the six books for the challenge. The final book, The Spanish Bow, was completed on 27 December 2007.

Right now, I just want to go plunge into another book on Spain.

  1. Into the Wild Jon Krakauer [Alaska, USA] {Write-up}

  2. The Night Watch Sergei Lukyanenko [Moscow, Russia] {Write-up}

  3. Ten Thousand Miles Without a Cloud Sun Shuyun [China/Central Asia/ India] {Write-up 1, 2}

  4. The Art of Travel Alain de Botton [Amsterdam, London, Mt Sinai & Various other Places]

  5. Persepolis 1 & 2 Marjane Satrapi [Iran]

  6. The Spanish Bow Andromeda Romano-Lax [Spain]

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Rebecca H. said...

Nice job! I wanted to read more travel books last year but I didn't ... maybe in 2008.