Saturday, February 10, 2007

Discursive Polymaths and My Weekend

I'm meeting some of my friends in Chinatown later in the evening. Next week is Chinese New Year, so Chinatown will be crowded. *

Oh, to soak in the quagmire of agitated human sweat! Oh festive joy! **

But before I log off for the weekend, would like to point you guys to this piece posted at Conversational Reading, entitled "Discursive Polymaths." It's an interesting piece and I'm taking down notes on some of the titles discussed. Go read, while I go play.

A good weekend to everyone. I also leave you a picture of funny kittens.


* Understatement of the week

** I need to point out that I am being sardonic. I tend to dislike contact with foreign sweat. We need to get to know each other better, preferably with dinner, flowers and a movie included, before we even begin to discuss consensual exchange of bodily fluids, thank you very much.

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