Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Blog

Today, if you are in love, or with someone who loves you, remember to cherish. That we will die, that we will lose the ones we love, is something we always seem to forget.

I have a copy of my grandmother's death certificate with me right now. Is it ironic that my grandmother died on Valentine's Day?

It was a surprise this morning at around 2:14 am when we received the phonecall. I was half-cursing the idiot who would call at 2 am, then the sobering moment when I heard my mother ran into her room in loud sobs; I understood immediately what had happened.

How do I feel? Nothing. We were virtually strangers, my grandmother and myself.

My grandmother had been suffering the last few weeks of her life. The doctors had tubes stuck in her because she could no longer eat. She had in fact begged to die. Yet her children were arguing over surgical procedures that were unable to save her or relieve her of her suffering - which I therefore deemed unnecessary.

Now she has no pain. I'm not that sure about going to a place of peace and all that rubbish though.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Sending you some virtual hugs.

Imani said...

I'm not sure about that "place of piece" either, but at least you can be some comfort to your mother in the here and now.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Death in or around the holidays always seems much more laden with sorrow for some reason. Sorry about the loss of your grandmother, especially for your mother's sake.

darkorpheus said...

Thanks, everyone. We're keeping the wake short, thanks to Chinese New Year round the corner - this Sunday in fact.

I have to admit, I never know what is the "right" behaviour at a funeral.

iliana: Thanks for the hugs. I think my mom needs them more so I'll pass them right to her instead.

Imani: I wonder about it too. I came from a mission school, and I somehow never reconciled myself to all that talk of how someone is "with God" when they die.

Carl V: Thanks man, my mother is still a little upset, but she was up early this morning praying. We often go fall back on faith when we need comfort most.