Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Season 1-3 Recap

A hilarious 8 minutes recap for everyone who asks: What the frak is Battlestar Galactica?

[Thanks: Galactica Sitrep]


Carl V. Anderson said...

Having not watched it...yet I do know what it is...this may be just the video for me! :)

GFS3 said...

The crack down on YouTube to purge copyrighted content has killed your video.

darkorpheus said...

Carl It's seriously funny.

gfs3 Odd. It's still playing.

Anonymous said...

haha lurve it!

over season 1 got into sms spat over friend as to whether Starbuck/Boomer was cuter...

darkorpheus said...

ovidia I laughed aloud last night when I was watching it.

Boomer is cute.
Starbucks is kick-ass.

My personal fav is D'Anna because she is scary in that quiet way.