Sunday, June 08, 2008

Playing On the iPod this Weekend?

"It's insulting to call Sleater-Kinney the best female rock band in the world when they're one of the best rock bands, period." ~ The New Yorker

When you can't watch them "live", Youtube is an alternative - albeit a poor substitute. It must really be something else to watch them in concert. I would have loved to watch Carrie Brownstein rocking the stage like a Guitar God.

[The Crystal Ballroom. Sleater-Kinney's final concert, performing "One More Hour"]

[Sleater-Kinney performing "Jumpers" on The Henry Rollins Show]

[MTV for "Entertain"]

Just found: Tiny Suns Infused With Sour: All the latest news about the ex-members of Sleater-Kinney...

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Heh. It was meant to be:

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Andi said...

I know SO many people who love them, and I've never heard their stuff! How sick, right? I'm off to sample some of their offerings. Maybe they'll make an appearance on my iPod just in time for a trip to my conference this coming week.

darkorpheus said...

Andi There's always a first time for everything.

You might like to try "The Woods" first, then work your way backwards.

To discover then for the first time. That's a great adventure.

Have fun!