Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yet Another Post Where I Give My Opinion About Something that Matters Only to Myself

The results on the 2008 Afterellen Hot 100 poll have been announced. The Afterellen poll is a response to the various "Hottest Women" listing by magazines, such as Maxim and FHM. The criteria for these Hottest Women as chosen by the gentlemen often seem to ignore important traits like intelligence, charisma, talents or class. The results in these magazines often baffles the women themselves.

So, the women at Afterellen has decided to do their own poll, voted for by their readers - not necessary bisexual or lesbian - though a lot of them are. As they call it: "The sexiest women, according to women."

I am glad to see Tina Fey as #1 for 2008. She is the embodiment of smart, funny and classy in the right package. Tina Fey would never make it to the Maxim Hottest Women listing of course, but I'm glad the sisters see things differently.

Lena Headey, Ellen Page and of course the awesome Lucy Lawless made it to Top 20 (Yay!). But I'm also glad to see two of my new favourite actresses make it to this year's Top 100: #47. Marnie Alton (on the left in the picture below) and #80. Michelle Paradise (right, seated, in the picture below) - from Exes & Ohs.

I am thrilled Marnie Alton made it to Top 50. She is an incredibly endearing actress (and she has great muscle tone. Really. It's muscle tone that can play Wonder Woman.) It's women like her that makes me want to move to Canada.

Now this is the part where I am outraged:

ONLY #80? Michelle Paradise wrote, starred in and produced her own TV series. How many people can claim to have done that? She is smart, funny in a warm, unassuming manner, speaks French (a very sexy language) and has a Masters in Comparative Literature. She also used to run marathons, she's learning to play the drums and she's Capricorn (I'm not sure how that's relevant, but I know this about her.)

If Tina Fey deserves to be #1, Michelle Paradise at least deserves a Top 50 ranking.

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