Wednesday, July 18, 2007

CHALLENGE | Chanced Upon Unread Authors Challenge

Came across a new reading challenge last night. (I never learn, do I?) It's the Unread Authors Challenge, and it's organised by Sycorax Pine. I like the premise behind the challenge:

... almost all of us have authors who we have long meant to read, but somehow never gotten around to ... Perhaps you have always been intrigued but intimidated by their work. Perhaps "required reading" and your favorite authors have taken up most of your time. Perhaps they have been sitting on your shelves for years, continually trumped by new fascinations.

So, between September 2007 to February 2008, participants strive to read six books by authors they have never read before. It's flexible, where you can read multiple works by the same authors, or one book each by six authors.

There's something about this challenge that sings to me, because I do have too many authors I would like to try, but never got around to. But most of all, I always believe I need to venture out to try more authors, more variety - to challenge myself by expanding my horizon.

It's okay to love a particular genre or author and to read extensively in your area of interest. That's what often gives depth to our interest, I believe. But it is important that we also look beyond what is known and comfortable. I think I owe it to myself at least, to try something new.

This is at least how I think I want to approach the challenge.

If I do pick up the challenge that is. Still considering.

But if you're interested, do drop by Sycorax Pine's Unread Authors Challenge to sign up.


Anonymous said...

I like this challenge! Thanks for the link.

Rebecca H. said...

I'm kind of tempted too -- I like challenges that are extremely flexible; I'm more likely to complete them.

Anonymous said...

thats so funny! you just said you have too many challenges going...! :)

it looks cool, though. a really interesting challenge.

Ana S. said...

I really shouldn't join any more challenges. But this one is seriously tempting.

darkorpheus said...

iliana: Don't mention it. So, are you going for it? :)

Dorothy: I know what you mean about flexible. I realise I will probably be able to squeeze a lot title from my TBR pile into this challenge.

Jean Pierre: Heehee. Yes, I am a ball of contradictions, aren't I? I'm over-committed, yet I still sign up for them.

DesLily said...

when Carl had his Fantasy challenge because of reviews I wound up reading 6 new authors! All YA and new to me..(still fantasy) but I sure enjoyed them all

Sycorax Pine said...

Thanks for linking to the challenge, Dark Orpheus! It would be delightful to have you (and everyone else who expressed interest in the comments) join us. There is more than a month left before it starts, so plenty of time to ponder whether you have room in your reading schedule....

Meanwhile, I am really enjoying reading your blog - I have added it to my Google Reader!

darkorpheus said...

Pour of Tor - Hi, er - Pour of Tor. Thank you for dropping by, and thank you for your interest in this little junkyard of a blog. ;p

I'm definitely considering the challenge - but I think I can only "confirm" a booklist closer to September - because it also depends on my current reading schedule.

But I'm glad to be able to help spread the news on the Challenge. It's a great idea. We all have too many authors we never got around to reading.

Hope to hear from you again in the near future.