Wednesday, August 15, 2007


From Wikipedia:

Baklava or Baklawa is a rich, sweet pastry featured in many cuisines of the Middle East and the Balkans (i.e., former Ottoman countries). It is a pastry made of layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts, usually walnuts or pistachios, and sweetened with sugar or honey syrup.

Baklava is a popular dessert throughout the former Ottoman world. After the meal, an assortment of small pastries is typically brought to the table on a brass tray, accompanied by tiny cups of Turkish coffee.

Gaziantep, a city in Turkey, is famous for its baklava and, in Turkey, is widely regarded as the native city of the sweet

I realise I have heard of baklava, just not the Greek variety. Baklava is offered on some of the restaurant menu in Turkey. Seen it. Ate it.


Mailyn said...

Baklava is one of my absolute fave desserts ever!!! I'm seriously addicted to the stuff. It's horrible. Pistachios...yummy!!!

But they're like 15975862 calories high. LOL.

darkorpheus said...

Shhhhh. The calories don't count if you ignore them. But I think the pistachios and such have vitamins and minerals that make up for the calories. It's healthy.