Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blah blah blah

Jean Pierre just reminded me that I need to reply to some comments on the blog. Oops. Sorry if I haven't been that prompt in answering your comments. I do try my best. For those of you bloggers who manage to answer ALL the comments on your blogs, I admire you guys for the sheer stamina and dedication to your readers.

I just dropped the last of the books mooched from me at the post office. I learned a few things today:

Lesson #1: Maybe it's not a good idea to giveaway BIG, HEAVY books at Bookmooch. They cost a lot more on postage.

Lesson #2: Any attempt at anonymity goes out the window when you want people to mail books to you. So, if you want to know where I live, go check out my bio at Bookmooch. Hee.

Lesson #3: I realise I enjoy giving away books - knowing that at the other end is someone looking forward to the little parcel. Maybe I should sign up for Bookcrossing too. I checked out the website earlier today and it seemed like a lot of work just to sign up. D'uh.

A while back I blogged about my mom's mooncakes. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, so we have received some mooncakes at work. Will post pictures of the nicer looking ones soon.

PS: Christmas orders are driving me NUTS!


Mailyn said...

Christmas already?! I won't even start thinking about that until a week before. LOL.

darkorpheus said...

Question is: Do you really want to do your Christmas shopping so late? The crowd. The sheer number of sweaty, angry elbows in the shopping malls.

I'm ordering the stocks for the store that I work for so that everyone can find the books they need for Christmas. But it's driving me nuts.

chrisa511 said...

I've officially already bought my first christmas present! That's nuts!

darkorpheus said...

Chris Is it a book? For someone special? ;p

Lucy Dee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
darkorpheus said...

Lucy Giid for the guy. But it's more than about being polite, I think. It's about acknowledging the person who bothers to comment. And I want to be a person who acknowledges people.

Maybe I'm just not looking at it the right way?

darkorpheus said...

Oops. "Giid" = Good


Dan said...

I'm puzzled as to why Lucy would say I don't ... because I responded to her e-mail inquiry yesterday where she asked me how I got so many comments.

I told her that one way I get so many comments is by responding to all my comments and also returning the visits and commenting on the blogs of those leaving me comments.

And I meant it.

Nice blog you have here, by the way. I'll have to have a look around.

darkorpheus said...

Lucy & Dan You guys know each other? :)

Oh, and thanks, Dan.

Lucy Dee said...


Rewritten: "Yeah, the return commenting can be a bit cumbersome. But I guess it's only polite. But Dan seems to do it and he gets over 250+ responses on his blog!" Kudos, Dan! Thanks for the email and the advice.