Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Where the Stress Falls and Sleepless Nights

Here a link to a teaser trailer for The Dark Knight - the sequel to Batman Begins. For hardcore fans only, because it's a trailer more heard than seen.

More book related: I had intended to read something by Susan Sontag this year, perhaps starting with Against Interpretation. But Murphy's Law dictates that I will end up changing books mid-way; I was trying to track down something Susan Sontag wrote about Elizabeth Hardwick's Sleepless Nights and I found there was a Hardwick related essay in Where the Stress Falls. (In fact, Sontag dedicated Where the Stress Falls to Hardwick.) So, there has been changes to my reading plans.

As I'm typing this post, I am still at page 62 of Sleepless Nights. I've enjoyed reading the posts over at Slaves of Golconda where various bloggers are posting their take on the book - probably because I'm catching at straws trying to make some coherent sense of the book. There's also a discussion forum at MetaxuCafe for Sleepless Nights, but I can't play yet - because my membership registration hasn't come through :(


Andi said...

I'm fascinated by all this talk of Sleepless Nights. Definitely going to see if I can BookMooch it soon.

As for Sontag, I've recently become interested in reading some of her stuff. My first encounter with her ideas was at a friend's dissertation defense where she discussed, at length, Against Interpretation. What a brilliant woman (Sontag...and my friend...hehe). :)

Rebecca H. said...

You're welcome to join whenever you finish the book! I'm curious to hear what you and others who haven't posted yet think.

chrisa511 said...

Thanks for the link to the teaser trailer...can't they give us more than that...sheesh!

psst...go here:

darkorpheus said...

Andi: "Where the Stress Falls" is my intro to Sontag actually. I think I left academic related readings since I graduated.

Dorothy That's the problem, I'm still at a loss at making sense of it. My thoughts are as episodic as the book. I'll try to post something soon. Currently at page 74.

Chris: I blush. Actually, I saw it a few days ago. The nomination made me blush. Honoured, but then the self-consciousness of me took over. I didn't know quite how to respond. I don't take compliments very well, because I usually don't see them coming. Sorry.

But thank you, again. It's so sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you enjoying the book more now that you have read other people's responses? I went into it rather blind.

darkorpheus said...

Danielle I believe reading some of the other responses did help give a little bit more form to the book. But I'm still moving along like 10~20 pages per day. That's really slow reading.

What is comforting is knowing everyone more or less had difficulties with its drifty,s tream of consciousness structure.

It's definitely a book to re-read.

Oh, and reading Sontag's analysis of the book makes me feel inadequate.

Anonymous said...

i love that little teaser trailer...

ooh - the joker's laugh at the end! very cool :)

darkorpheus said...

jean pierre I dunno about the trailer. I feel ... teased?

I would like to see more.

Anonymous said...


i know what you mean. i think the guy who commented on it got it right when he said that it would've probably been better if it came out before the pictures were released...

but then, the way the first picture was released was just such a work of genius, so perhaps they shouldn't have bothered with the ad at all...?

personally i wasn't expecting much and liked what i ... heard ...a lot!