Monday, August 20, 2007

QUIZ | I am Nico

Your Score: Nico

Our test has determined that you possess
60% Hellbentness, 41% Sanguinity, and 24% Creeps!
Well done!

Your Proto-Goth Icon Match is Nico!

As the golden-haired chanteuse of the Velvet Underground, the German born Nico cast a spell of decadence. Her cool, detached performances, in direct opposition with the feel-good hippie vibe of the 1960s, influenced the development of the punk scene of the 1970s.

The Velvet Underground's dark and depressing sound and themes were frequently referenced by early goth bands, especially by Siouxsie & the Banshees. Joy Division performed a version of "Sister Ray", and Christian Death covered "Venus in Furs". Nico, who performed with the Velvets, is sometimes considered the first Gothic Rock artist. Escaping the risks of her use of illegal drugs, Nico met her untimely end in 1988, when she was injured while riding her bicycle while vacationing with her son, Ari, in her favorite haunt of previous years, Ibiza. She hit her head and was admitted to a local hospital. X-rays revealed severe bleeding in her brain, and she died several hours later.

Critics Scott Isler and Ira Robbins argue that "The Velvet Underground marked a turning point in rock history. After the release of The Velvet Underground and Nico, knowing the power of which it was capable, the music could never be as innocent, as unselfconscious as before."

Link: The what Proto-Goth Icon are you? Test written by anastasia_x on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Finally, one of those quiz results that I can be proud of! I'm too young to like the Velvet Underground and Nico - but I do. Anyway, here's a mtv of the band performing Femme Fatale:


Ana S. said...

Great result! I love love love Nico, especially "Chelsea Girl".

Stephanie said...

Awesome!! Nico is as cool as Siouxie! Yep, Chelsea Girl is one of my favorites as well!

darkorpheus said...

Nymeth & Stephanie: You girls have taste, I swear. And the result is also something of a relief. Imagine if I end up with something embarrassing like, Samantha Fox. Oh. My. God. I will not be able to live it down.

Just because of this quiz, I have dug out my CD of Velvet Underground and Nico. The one with the Banana on the cover.