Thursday, December 06, 2007

Yoga on Youtube

For those interested in yoga, check out this YouTube video -- yoga against the wall -- with soundtrack. Can I do it? Of course -- the only thing stopping me is the fear of falling off and dying!

Then there is Ana Forrest -- one of the strongest yogini I have ever seen. In the Youtube videos below (broken into 2 parts), you can see Ana Forrest demonstrating various advance yoga poses -- showing the kind of strength and flexibility that set me in awe.

Part 1

Part 2

Why am I posting these? The truth is, my practice has been flagging lately. My favourite teachers have left the studio where I practice, and it has been difficult trying to find the motivation to keep showing up for yoga classes. So I seek out these Youtube videos of some of the yoga teachers who inspire me, just to remind myself why I need to show up on the mat.

Maybe it's a short-term fix, but I'm just giving myself a good kick out of my complacency. Inspiration to practice isn't going to just fall on my lap while I'm sitting here mopping.


jpderosnay said...

wow, that makes yoga look very cool...

Iliana said...

Oh wow, she's amazing isn't she? My yoga practice always goes in waves. I've had the same problems with teachers leaving or simply a studio charging way too much for me to afford. Luckily my gym now offers yoga classes and the teacher is excellent so I'm going twice a week now.

Rebecca H. said...

Wow -- the Ana forrest clips are amazing!

darkorpheus said...

Jean Pierre Oh yes. I agree. Yoga is definitely the coolest thing around. It's very sexy too. *grin*

Iliana Good for you with the yoga teacher at the gym. It's so hard to find a teacher whose style fits the student sometimes, and yoga classes can be so expensive! Stick with yoga for as long as you can. It's really worth it.

Dorothy Ana Forrest is an amazing woman. Her life story is itself a tale of the healing effect of yoga.

From the video you wouldn't believe she was born with a deformed hip, would you? Or that she was a child prostitute who was into drugs and stuff until the age of 18, when she really wanted to clean up her act. So she borrowed money to sign up for a yoga teacher's course.

Ana Forrest is truly inspirational.

precious said...

who left? not joan, i hope?

darkorpheus said...

Precious I haven't been to Joan's class since September actually. Which reminds me I've forgotten a lot of the Shadow Yoga basics.

She has money invested in her yoga school, how to leave?

I meant 2 of my regular teachers at my usual yoga studio.