Monday, July 07, 2008

Pratchett Interview

Neil Gaiman talks to Terry Pratchett. And Pratchett reads odd stuff.

To be a writer is to read - and whenever Terry and I talk we compare reading matter. 'I'm reading A Midwife's Tale: the Life of Martha Ballard Based on her Diary, 1785-1812 edited by Laurel Ulrich,' says Terry. 'Martha Ballard was a real-life Granny Weatherwax. She was a good midwife but you don't read it for that. You read it for the other things you can learn from it: about how a colonial settlement was run by the women while the men were away at war, and the men thinking that they were making all the decisions and running the country when in fact they weren't. I'm also reading Six Thousand Years of Bread: its Holy and Unholy History, and a history of false teeth.'

A history of bread. And a history of false teeth. Yet, it makes sense, somehow.


Doc Martian said...

thought you should read this.

Doc Martian said...

btw. if you haven't checked with the british consulate about your employers (that is if they aren't like exxon or something), now would probably be the time. not to worry you, but i've done a LOT of human rights work in the middle east conflict (primarily for palestine) and that sometimes upsets folks with other interests (like land-grabs and easy money from slave trade and such). you wouldn't be the first acquaintance of mine to get targeted in some way. so. watch your ass.


Doc Martian said...

p.s. did you know birds of prey and witchblade dvds are both coming out this month?

darkorpheus said...

Doc I liked the Birds of Prey TV series, but not enough to buy it on DVD. Too bad it got canned. Ashley Scott was easy on the eye.

But Witchblade - well, Yancy Butler was good. Did you ever watch "Man and Machine?" :)

Doc Martian said...

nope. but i saw 'steel'. that almost turned me off comic book television forever. i seriously don't watch much tv. haven't even seen 'birds of prey' by the time i got around to watching it it got canceled. like the sarah connor chronicles. i can't decide which gal to drool over. summer? or the gal with those eyes. i hope it gets a full season next year. those mini-seasons leave too much dead time.

you also should see the witchblade parody in the howard the duck max imprint. lets just say if you like duckbreast mystery theatre (golden bough dork humor) you'll love it.

its rare that i buy graphic novels. i have maybe half a dozen and a lot of those are marvel 'essential's. here's a list even. watchmen, dark knight returns, essential killraven and killraven, essential howard the duck and max howard the duck, essential dr. strange vol. 1, and the 4 vol. of essential tomb of dracula. although the gotham knights recently caught my eye when i was lookin' up teh babe incarnation of the question. i could stand picking up that and some x-men.


Bybee said...

Oh, I want the bread book!

Carl V. Anderson said...

That was a great interview.

His reading choices do make odd sense, don't they?

Anonymous said...

haha! yes, it does. it explains a lot! :D