Friday, July 25, 2008

Random Pile of Books by the Bed

It's growing so rapidly I swear it's alive.

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Anonymous said...

*sigh* mine too

Anonymous said...

Mine is definitely alive, it moves about the house quite freely :)

I see Dubai is towards the top of the pile and poor Herodotus is down towards the bottom.

Anonymous said...

know the feeling.

wish there was an auto route from 'books I want to read' to 'books I have read'

but isn't it great to have the desire to read, the ability to read & the books to read at our fingertips?

darkorpheus said...

Incitefulmama Wait till you meet her brothers and sisters :)

Stefanie Hee hee. So it is.
*sigh* Herodotus and Rebecca Solnit has been sorely neglected lately.

darkorpheus said...

Ovidia An auto route? But where's the fun then? :)

The desire, ability and books ready to read are all wonderful things - I agree. I find that I like a person better if they like to read. (okay, I'm prejudiced!)

But sometimes I meet people who are actually proud that they "do not have time to read".

They make me wonder about them.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Book piles are alive! Don't let them fool you. They reproduce when you are asleep at night!

Melwyk said...

Just add water...! They do grow at an inexplicable rate.

Andi said...

Ahh, but it's so pretty. There's nothing lovelier than a big ole pile of books.

darkorpheus said...

Carl They breed like rabbits too!

Melanie Water? Ah, I forsee a dry spell in Dubai reading then. Oh grief.

Andi I thought so too. Until I spotted my bra somewhere in the background of the picture. Then it's just a little embarrassing. :)

Carl V. Anderson said...

Yes they do!!!