Monday, July 28, 2008

YOGA | I Have What It Takes, Because I Practice

I'm back on the mat today. With all the training last week I had to miss a few days of practice. Even though I have no control over some aspects of my life at the moment - the Dubai issue being the biggest bugbear of no control - at least for my yoga practice, I hope things can be more settled.

Tonight's Power Yoga with Michelle is challenging without the "boot-camp" intensity. She's playing her usual traditional music CD during class, so it's indicative of a more meditative mood for the evening. When she plays Beyonce or hip-hop, I worry.

I was a little edgy when I came to class this evening. I was angry and frustrated again about how some people chooses not to share important information.

I know learning to live with the people we do not like is one of the foundations of a spiritual practice. Or, as one of my yoga teacher once said to me, "Yoga is about working with your likes and dislikes." But sometimes - there are just people whose character you just cannot admire. I'm trying to be mature about it - but it feels like I'm at the losing end of it all. I just want to live an ethical, compassionate life. I want to do no harm – but often I wonder if the price is to be a victim to bullies.

*Breathes deeply* I can weather through this sort of petty behaviour. I know it. I have the emotional strength and courage built through my practice. I have what it takes to rise above this narrow-mindedness.

Right before we closed our practice tonight, Michelle asked the class to think about why we practice. If our practice do not make us a better person, a kinder person, a less stressful person – then why are we practicing yoga?


Doc Martian said...

even plants have defense mechanisms. some have spines. some are poison. some have sticky sap. its not aggression. its being alive and not being dinner.


Doc Martian said...